Restore Photos from Failed Hard Drive

“Hi, I got struck up in a problem; I lost access to photo files on my computer. I was using computer as usual but all of a sudden computer got crashed and after which the system failed to boot up. I have lots of important photos on hard drive; please let me know if there is a way to recover photos and other vital files from my failed hard drive as I do not have any other copy of photos saved on my PC hard drive. Thanks in advance...”

Many users might have faced the situation as conversed above. There are various reasons for hard drive failure. Hard drive may fail gradually with time or it may crash all of a sudden and refuse to boot as mentioned in the above scenario. Whatever may be the reason for hard drive failure ultimately access to the data in hard drive matters. You would have stored number of important photos or other file formats on failed hard drive thinking it as reliable media.  You need not worry after losing photos, because recovering images from failed hard drive is possible with the help of suitable photo recovery software. But it is better to avoid hard drive failure as much as possible, than to take up measures to retrieve your pictures from failed hard drive.

Factors accountable for failure of hard drive are:

  • Bad sectors: When hard drive develops bad sectors then files in that sector will not be accessible. If the bad sectors increases on HDD with time gradually, then it may cause failure of hard disk
  • Virus infection: Viruses may infect files on hard drive and sometimes hard drive may fail if viruses and other external threats gets accumulated on the hard drive
  • Accidental deletion of system files: If system files which is required for hard drive to boot get deleted accidentally or altered for any unknown can result in hard drive failure
  • OS malfunctioning: If you have not installed operating system on computer properly, then it starts malfunctioning and hard drive may fail to work in later stage

However, as said earlier, you can get back photos and other essential files from failed hard drive using eminent media file retrieval software like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Failed hard drive recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery software is the best solution for you to bring back access to photos after hard drive failure. This tool has the capability to retrieve photos of different formats like .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, .jpeg, .tiff, etc. including RAW images from various digital camera brands on Windows computers. It supports recovery of photos, videos, music files, and other file types from all laptops or desktops working with Windows 8 , Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008operating systems. Using this media file recovery utility, you can get back files from failed hard drives and external hard disks with SATA, IDE, SCSI, ATA, PATA and other interfaces in simple steps.

Procedural steps to recover photos from failed hard drive:

  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install it on a healthy PC
  • Connect failed hard drive of your computer to the system externally
  • Run the tool and select “Lost Photo Recovery” from main screen
  • Then select icon of failed hard drive from which you want to recover photos and click on “Next”
  • You will get the interface of software where you can find the list of file types, select photo formats which you want to retrieve and click on “Next”
  • Software starts scanning failed hard drive for photos and displays the result in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • View photos by selecting and clicking on “Preview” option
  • Save recovered photos on computer drive using “Save” option


  • Keep updated anti-virus on your computer and scan it frequently
  • If you are using internet, then download files only from trustworthy sites