Restore Photos from Specific Folder

Windows users have handy facility to store various files separately by creating specific folders. By assigning suitable name to specific folder, one can categorize documents, official files, photos, songs, movies and various files. Thereby it eases access to indented files from specific folder on Windows partitions. Often most people create specific folder for various photos captured in different events and preserve them forever.

However, unluckily photos stored in specific folders gets deleted or lost from Windows system while previewing, sharing and accessing due to misoperations, storage device corruption or logical errors. In case, some unfriendly situations make you to lose or erase photos from specific folder, then it becomes annoying instant. Let us read some scenarios for loss or deletion of photos from specific folder on PC:

  • Shift deleting precious photos by coincidence from specific folders can permanently remove them from Windows HD
  • Formatting Windows partitions by fault can wipe out specific folders along with photo files from PC
  • Interruptions while moving picture files from specific folder in system to other removable storage device might end up in loss of those images
  • Virus attack on computer hard drive may corrupt file system or hard drive partitions which indeed result sin loss of photos stored in specific folders along with plenty of files

If your beloved photos are removed or disappeared from specific folder on Windows computer, then search backup files present on system or other storage devices. In the absence of backup, go for finest photo recovery application to restore photos form specific folder on Windows computer.

Specific folder photo recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is best fitting photo restoration software in all data loss situations. This application can recover photos from specific folder after accidental deletion or unintentional loss on Windows computer. It has a friendly GUI to achieve data recovery from a specific folder by date and time basis. The simple on-screen instructions through which even a novice system user can extract erased or lost images without any difficulties on Windows partition. Other than image files, this utility is best in restoring video files, songs, movies, text files, RAW photos and other media files.. Along with Windows hard drive, this software supports recovery of photos from pen drives, portable hard drives, memory card, iPods, etc. This image recovery application can even recover Public Pictures folder from Windows system running with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Step-by-step procedure to restore photos from specific folder:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool to a Windows desktop / laptop
  • Launch installed program and proceed further based on instructions provided on-screen
  • In main screen two key options are available such as “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” options
  • Select required option to rescue deleted or lost photo files from specific folder
  • In subsequent screen you will find all partitions / drives present in Windows PC
  • Select Windows partition from where specific folder pictures are to be retrieved and click on “Next” button
  • Then, this tool scans selected drive and displays deleted or missing photos from specific folder
  • Preview photo files before recovering to confirm resultant images
  • Then mark required pictures and browse for destination location on Windows system to save those photos, but not to same location from where you have rescued to avoid data overwriting

Best Suggestions:

  • Do not store new data on partition from where you have lost image files
  • Backup your treasured photos on other external storage devices
  • Protect your computer with high quality antivirus software