Retrieve Photos from Unformatted Memory Card

“Hi guys, I am a professional photographer working for various clients. I use a DSLR digital camera to capture high quality pictures and save them on SD memory card mounted on it. Recently, while I was capturing pictures in an occasion, the camera suddenly stopped working. I turned off the power supply and turned it on later. It was then that the camera displayed an error, “Card is not formatted” I was taken aback by seeing this error because the camera neither allowed me to take any pictures further nor displayed previously captured pics. If I want to continue using the card I need to format the card, which I don’t want to do. Can anyone please help me to resolve this problem and get back my priceless pictures from unformatted memory card? Many thanks in advance.”

Memory card, an amazing chip sized flash storage media is a leading storage device used in various electronic gadgets. This amazing device can hold data from the range of 256MB to 128GB capacity, which is more than sufficient for portable gadgets. However, memory cards are prone to data loss due to format errors. Many users have faced this cumbersome situation wherein pictures from memory card become unreadable as the card says that it needs to be formatted. User may encounter any of these error messages:

  • The disk in drive F: is not formatted. Do you want to format it?
  • Card not formatted, want to format?

The main causes for this Not-formatted error in memory cards can be file system corruption, virus infection, using any new memory card without formatting it, connecting the card to incompatible gadgets and many other logical errors. When this occurs, all the pictures on the card get inaccessible and user thinks that all the precious photos are lost forever. In such a situation, one might wonder how to get pictures off of an unformatted memory card without losing any file?

Here is the solution, just proceed with the error message. When it says, want to format the card, click ‘Yes’ without thinking much. But soon after formatting the card quickly make use of third party memory card picture retrieval tool to get back all the formatted image files. This is true, because formatting memory card doesn’t erase any picture permanently; it just clears the index pointers of all the image files from registry file making it invisible to OS and marks the memory space as free. Hence, user finds that photos are completely lost after formatting a memory card. The best utility to unformat memory card and retrieve pictures is Yodot Photo Recovery tool.

Significant features of this photo restoration tool:

  • Effectively brings back all pictures from formatted and reformatted memory cards like SD, microSD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, MMC, etc. with utmost ease
  • Performs ultimate scanning of flash memory cards for lost as well as deleted pictures, video files, songs, RAW images and many other file types
  • Capable of retrieving JPG, IMG, PIC, PSD, TIFF, GIF, CR2, SRW, NEF, ORF and other popular image file types from various digital camera models
  • Additionally, supports recovery of media files from Memory Stick, USB drive, hard drive, removable hard drive, iPod and other storage media
  • Especially runs on Windows desktops and laptops with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems

Procedural steps to use Yodot Photo Recovery tool:

  • Connect the formatted memory card on to a Windows PC using card reader
  • Download the software on that Windows computer and install it
  • Launch the tool and stick to the main screen instructions
  • In the main screen, click on “Lost Photo Recovery” option and proceed next
  • Now, from the list of logical and external storage devices shown on the screen, select the drive that represents formatted memory card
  • Then, select required file types to recover or you can skip it
  • By clicking next, software scans the device and retrieves all the image files
  • Toggle between Data view and File type view options to go through the list of restored pictures
  • View selected image files using Preview option and proceed to saving it
  • Mention desired destination location on system drive and click on save

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not use same memory card on computers with different operating systems
  • Prior to using new memory card on any digital camera or other gadget, format it on computer
  • Avoid accidental formatting / reformatting of memory cards when connected on system

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