How to Retrieve Photoshop CS4 Files?

“I have lost PSD files on my laptop after performing anti-virus scan. I just downloaded some latest antivirus tool and scanned the system for presence of any malware and was shocked to find some bunch of worms. But, after removing all those worms, I lost few important pictures, documents and other files from hard drive that included Photoshop CS4 files too. How can I get back these lost PSD files from my laptop hard drive, can somebody help me out?”

Adobe has many advantageous applications to its account including outstanding graphics editing tool, Photoshop. Photoshop fetches brilliant way to create and edit images without compromising picture quality and bit rate. With the introduction of Creative Suit 4 (CS), Adobe Photoshop extended its editing capability to much higher limit. But, images created using Photoshop CS4 on Windows system can become futile due to:

  • Unintended deletion while erasing needless files using Shift+Delete or command prompt
  • Interrupted transfer of Photoshop CS4 files from Windows system to other storage location
  • Harmful virus infection to Windows system hard drive or any other storage device that holds useful PSD files
  • Deleting any user account on Windows computer, which erases all related files from hard drive

When valuable Photoshop CS4 files will go missing or erased in above mentioned scenarios, it is very common to think of reliable software that can perform Photoshop CS4 file recovery without any trouble. But before referring any photo recovery tool to retrieve Photoshop CS4 files make sure that:

  • Software is free from viruses and is capable of recovering photos without causing any damage
  • Software has good user reviews for excellent recovery

And now, if you are the one who have lost Photoshop CS4 image files and in search of suitable software then read further….

Photoshop CS4 files recovery program:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the safest option to get back all your Adobe Photoshop CS4 image files just in clicks. Its read-only modules can easily extract PSD files as well as images of file formats IMG, JPEG, JPG, PIC, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and raw images like NEF, CR2, SRW, DNG, FFF, KDC, DC2, ORF, PEF, so on. This utility is efficient enough to get back photos from Windows Photo Gallery, Picasa and iTunes on a Windows computer. It can even rescue photos from flash memory cards, USB pen drive, SSD, external hard drive, internal hard disk and other storage components. Apart from pictures this program can retrieve media files like audios and videos from storage media with ExFAT, ReFS, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. It can easily restore media files on Windows OS based computers like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Follow the steps below to bring back Photoshop CS4 PSD files:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on Windows computer from which Photoshop CS4 files are lost
  • Launch the utility after complete installation process
  • In next screen click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option if CS4 images were removed
  • Else, select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to retrieve missing or hidden picture files
  • Then, choose the partition from which Photoshop CS4 files have to be recovered
  • Moving next, its optional to mention what photo file types to recover from selected drive
  • Later, commence scanning process, whose status will get displayed in Progress Bar
  • Rescued images will be presented in File Type View / Data View
  • Then, have a detailed look at chosen photos using Preview option
  • At last, save restored CS4 photo files to target location on Windows computer or on other external storage device

Avoid situations like:

  • Mistakenly selecting important CS4 PSD files while shift-deleting unwanted picture files
  • Interruptions while moving Photoshop CS4 images from system to external storage device

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