How to Get Pictures from Broken Cell Phone?

“While using my cell phone to call my cousin, I have dropped it fortuitously. It is completely broken and has become useless. I thought even though it is broken, nothing will happen to the data present in the memory card of my phone. But when I connected memory card to my computer, it displayed an error message that the card needs to be formatted. I can format the card as many of the files are of no use, but photos present in it are very important for. So is there any hope of recovering photos from memory card on broken cell phone? Please help me”

The cell phones available nowadays have become much smarter than before. Many people not only regard cell phone as a source of communication media, but it can also be used as music player, digital camera, game player and even a mini computer; but losing photos and other valuable files from cell phone has become usual problem faced by users than earlier. As mobile phone is portable device, frequent usage of it might result in dropping or other physical damage that renders it useless. But you need not worry as broken phone does not harm your data present within SD card and you can transfer them easily to your computer just by connecting your phone to the system with the usage of data cable. However in rare cases, file system of broken mobile storage device will be corrupted and you will get error message stating that you need to format the memory card. As you know already, formatting erases complete files and folders saved on memory card including photos. However irrespective of the case, restoring lost or inaccessible pictures from broken cell phone is not difficult task now!! Images from memory card on broken cell phone can be recovered with the aid of apt photo recovery tool on Windows PC.

Photo recovery software for broken mobile phone:

In case you want to restore photos from broken phone in a convenient way, then Yodot Photo Recovery software can be a good choice to make. It has been built with advanced techniques by keeping all possible data loss scenarios in mind such as deletion, loss, corruption, formatting and so on. It will help you to recover pictures from broken cell phone and proves itself as the best photo recovery software. In case of broken cell phone, it ignores the file system and work even though file system of the memory card is severely corrupted or damaged. For more safety, it works upon ready only mode to handle the memory card from which you want to retrieve photos. This software has been used by many users as it has helped them to restore not only photos, but also music files, video files, animations, applications, database and other documents from external hard drive, computer hard drive, memory card, USB drive, iPod and other storage devices.

Note: If you want to restore photos from internal memory of broken cell phone then this application will not help as it supports only external storage media i.e. memory card on cell phone.

Commence recovery of photos from broken cell phone by following below steps:

  • First of all remove memory card from your broken cell phone and then connect to Windows computer with the help of Adaptor
  • Download the software and install it to the computer in which you have attached the SD card of broken cell phone
  • Once you run the utility, you will be presented with two main options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select second option i.e. “Lost Photo Recovery” to go further
  • Now you will find all the storage devices present and connected to your computer
  • Select he one that represent broken cell phone memory card
  • Allow the software to scan the chosen drive and then pick needed file types
  • Preview media files and then go further to store it on a location that you prefer


  • Handle your cell phone carefully as you may drop it leaving memory card in a corrupted state
  • For the safety of your cell phone data, it is advised to keep backup of it on a computer hard drive