Photo Recovery from Corrupted Memory Card

Almost every mobile, camera, camcorder, cell phone and other digital device uses memory card, usually SD or Micro SD card as storage medium for storing data. People tend to store more and more files on these memory cards because of their availability and large storage capacity at steadily lower prices.

What if your memory card suddenly stops working or get corrupted and you lose photos on memory card? Under such circumstance, many users think their precious picture files are permanently lost from memory card. But they are not!!! Though you cannot see deleted or lost photos on memory card, they still remain on memory card’s storage space until they are overwritten with new file content. You can restore such image files using apt memory card recovery tool.

However prior to knowing about memory card photo recovery tool, let us briefly go through the causes for corruption of memory card as given below:

  • Ejecting memory card when camera is still on
  • Using same memory card on different digital devices without formatting
  • Capturing photos from camera when it is showing low battery warning
  • Continuously taking pictures when the memory card is full
  • Turning off your camera when images are getting transferred from memory card to your computer or vice-versa
  • Virus infection, camera malfunction or incorrect handling of card are other causes for memory card corruption

If you haven’t backed up your picture files recently, then corruption of memory card can put your priceless photos in jeopardy. Don’t panic!! The first thing to do soon after memory card gets corrupted is to format and remove card from camera; don’t try to shoot new pictures, videos or other files to it, because this will reduce the chances of picture recovery from corrupted memory card. Then make use of perfect memory card recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery to bring back pictures from damaged memory card.

Recovering Photos from a corrupted memory card:

Yodot Photo Recovery software is used to retrieve your pictures from corrupted memory cards on Windows system. This software can retrieve various photo file formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF, BMP, WPG, TGA, PIC, DWG, DCX, ART, 3DMF etc from memory cards. This tool not only recovers images, but it also restores videos, music files and other file formats from various memory cards. This application uses block-by-block scan technology that doesn’t requires much time for recovering images from damaged memory card. Other than memory cards, it can restore media files from iPods, computer hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives and other storage drives on Windows OS.

Steps for recovering pictures from corrupted memory on Windows:

  • First connect your corrupted memory card to the computer
  • Then download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application to your computer
  • Launch the software and follow the application procedures
  • In main screen, you will find two option, “Delete Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to recover deleted images from corrupted memory card
  • Otherwise, select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to get back your missing photos from corrupted memory card
  • Software scans the entire computer and displays all logical drives present in system, including corrupted memory card
  • Choose the particular memory card drive from which you want to retrieve photos and click on “Next” option
  • The application scans entire corrupted memory card and displays all the images in two different views, “Data View” and “File Type view”
  • Preview the images using “Preview” option and save retrieved pictures to your desired location

Useful Tips:

  • Avoid using same memory card on different digital devices as it might harm the data preserved in card
  • Don’t connect you memory card to virus contaminated systems
  • Be careful while inserting or ejecting the memory card to camera or some other memory card compatible devices

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