How to Restore Deleted Videos From SD Card?

“I have a Transcend SD card on which I’ve stored all my important and informative videos. Last night my friend accidentally deleted few of video clips from my SD card, which was very important to me. I don’t want to lose them forever, so how can I recover deleted videos from my SD card? I have heard that there are many picture recovery applications to regain lost files from SD card. I don’t which software to use, anyone suggest me proper method or photo recovery tool to get back my video files from SD card?”

Off course you can restore your deleted videos from SD card, because the videos you deleted are not permanently gone. They are still present on your SD card but are invisible since its index information is erased from file system of SD card; until and unless those deleted videos are not overwritten by any new files on SD card, you can successfully retrieve deleted videos. However, it’s good to know the possible reasons behind deletion or loss of video files from SD memory card. This helps you to be more careful in future while handling SD card to avoid data loss.

How video files are deleted from SD card?

  • Improper Removal: Ejecting or removing SD card in-between file transfer process from computer or from camera may result in video file deletion from SD card
  • Deletion: Deletion of videos from SD card by mistake or due to false operation is one of the main reason for video deletion
  • Malware Attack: Malware / virus attack on SD card leads its corruption and sometimes deletes virus infected video files from SD card. Usually viruses infect SD card while transferring files using Bluetooth feature or when you download videos to SD card from internet
  • Wrong Usage: Frequently removing your SD card and using it on different electronic gadgets or operating systems to access its contents can lead to video file deletion

However, as said earlier irrespective of reason behind deletion of videos from SD card, they are retrieved by using competent card recovery tool like Yodot Photo Recovery. In absence of backup, best approach to follow is to use photo recovery program to undelete videos from SD card.

SD Card Video recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery software is specially designed to recover deleted media files from various storage media on Windows OS. So you can restore all formats of video clips from SD card. You can extract AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM and other video file formats from SD card. The software can bring back media files from SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, XD card, MMC and Memory Sticks. This utility is built to restore all media files like lost music, photos, RAW images and videos. Furthermore, the tool aids you efficiently in retrieving files when deleted from external hard drive, computer hard disk, iPods, USB drives, etc on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to restore videos from SD card on Windows OS:

  • Connect your SD card via card reader or data cable to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery application and install it the connected computer
  • Run the installed software via “Start” menu or by double clicking on desktop shortcut
  • Click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve deleted video clips
  • The tool starts scanning the system and shows all the logical and external drives, choose the drive that represents your SD card and click “Next”
  • The next screen, displays file type which you want to recover. Choose desired video file types or simply click on “Skip” button to select all file types
  • The tool starts scanning again and shows all the recovered video files from your SD card
  • Select the video files which you want to recover and click on “Next”
  • At last, save those rescued videos to your desired destination location, but not on the same SD card


  • It is highly recommended not to use your SD card after loss or deletion of videos
  • Avoid ejecting your SD card during video transfer process and don’t use SD card on different operating systems
  • Once in a while scan SD card to remove virus or malware threats from it

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