Retrieve Deleted Video Files from Windows XP

“I have preserved many video files related to technical speeches, seminars, recently developed applications and so on in my Windows XP desktop. Everything was going fine until I used a newly released antivirus program on the desktop. After I downloaded and installed this antivirus application, I noticed that many of the videos and other files are missing from the drive. I really do not know what went wrong, but I lost crucial video files that were from my best collection. Can anyone suggest me with proper solution to resolve this issue?”

Have you ever faced loss of videos and other data from Windows XP system? If yes, then you have stopped at right place. This article guides you on how to find deleted video files on Windows XP computer.

Video files are frequently recorded by many people on various gadgets like digital media players, Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, Tablets and they save their videos to desktop systems. When it comes to computer, Windows XP OS based systems are widely used among many Computer users which had various outstanding features. Video files on Windows XP operated systems can be played using default Windows media player or using any third party player like VLC player. However, many users frequently lose r delete video files.

File deletion is one of the vital factors of data loss that is encountered by many Windows users. It happens mainly because of one’s carelessness. So, let us glance at the scenarios those results in video file deletion from different gadgets or from Windows XP systems.

Different scenarios of video file deletion:

  • Accidentally deleting wrong video file instead of unwanted file/folder
  • Unintentional drive format will erase all the contents saved on system hard drive including video files
  • Unexpectedly erasing any partition while creating new partitions on the drive
  • Video files get deleted by malicious virus as well as by the use of inefficient antivirus software
  • Performing improper Cut & Paste operation to move videos from one storage location to another
  • Incomplete transfer of video clippings from Windows XP system to any external storage media
  • Emptying Recycle Bin on Windows XP without taking a look at the files saved in it
  • Making use of unsecured media players to play video files on Windows XP system

Erased files on every Windows XP system will get stored in Recycle Bin folder. But certain times after deleting video files, you may fail to find those deleted videos in Recycle Bin folder and thus lose them. This happens because, files might have bypassed Recycle Bin folder as a result of following reasons:

  • Shift Deleting video files on Windows XP
  • Removing videos from system drive using command prompt
  • Deleting large sized files when Recycle Bin is filled with previously erased files
  • Deletion of videos from externally connected devices like memory card, pen drive, etc. on Windows XP

If you have lost your precious videos due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, then do not freak as there is a wonder solution right here. You can excellently get back deleted video files on Windows XP with the use of third party deleted video file recovery tool. One of the best used media file recovery tool is Yodot Photo Recovery software.

Accountable features of Yodot Photo Recovery tool:

All video files as well as media files deleted from Windows XP system drive can be easily recovered back with Yodot Photo Recovery software. You can use this photo recovery tool to retrieve video file types from external / internal hard drives, thumb drives, iPods, flash memory cards (SD, CF, xD, MMC, Memory Sticks, etc.) and other gadgets. It can efficiently bring back missing or erased photos, RAW images, videos and music files from various storage media on Windows XP. Apart from Windows XP, it also supports to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to perform video file recovery on Windows XP:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery on Windows XP system from where videos are lost
  • Install and run the utility to start with recovery process
  • In main screen, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option and click next
  • Now, select the drive / partition from where video files were erased
  • Software starts to scan the drive for deleted videos
  • You can know the recovery status through process bar
  • Next, a list of all recoverable files will be provided to you
  • Make your selection of required files and preview its details
  • You can see and select video files using data view / file type view
  • Next, select a destination to save the recovered files and click Save

Important Note:

  • Before deleting any files on Windows XP, make sure it is not required further
  • Never use unsecured applications to play video files that may sometimes erase them
  • Do not empty Recycle Bin before going through its contents

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