Retrieving Formatted Data from Memory Card

“I had been on a trip in this summer and captured memorizing pics on my camera. When I returned home I connected my camera’s memory card to computer. After that my system displayed an error message saying, ‘The disk in drive H: is not formatted. Do you want to format now?’ In anxiety to share those images I did not think much and clicked on “Ok” option. Thereafter I found how mad I was, now all my data (including the photos, video recordings and other files) from my memory card is gone. How to recover formatted data from memory card?”

Memory card is a flash storage device that is often used in digital gadgets like camera, cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders and many more. These memory cards are small in size and have huge storage capability, which supports the user to preserve wide variety of data like pictures, videos, audios, etc. However data loss is also very common as mentioned in above discussed scenario.

Few other reasons for formatting data from memory card include:

  • Unintentionally formatting the memory card when it is connected to the system
  • Virus attack on the memory card leads to forceful formatting of the device
  • Improper usages of memory card results in its corruption and in turn made user to format its data for further usage

Data lost due to formatting the memory card is a very common issue. However, you can restore formatted data from memory card with the help of good data retrieval software. As formatting your memory card does not leads to permanent data loss. Formatting process just wipes out the FAT table and deletes all its directory entries of data from the device. Therefore the data is still present on the memory card and make its recovery much possible using any data recovery application like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Software to recover formatted data from formatted memory card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is a reliable data recovery tool, which helps you to rescue formatted data from memory card on Windows system. The application can bring back different types of photos (JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, WPG, TIFF, TIF, etc), audios (MP3, MP4, AIFF, AIF, AMR, WAV, MIDI, M4A, etc), videos (AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M4V, AEPX, etc) and other file formats from formatted memory card in various scenarios. It can even retrieve data from corrupted or inaccessible memory cards as well as other storage devices like internal hard drives, pen drives, portable hard disks, etc. The program is compatible to run on all Windows operating systems including Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Window Vista, Window 7 and Window 8.

Steps to recover data from formatted memory card:

  • Connect formatted memory card to a healthy Windows PC
  • Download the software and install it to that Windows computer
  • Run the application and follow the main screen steps
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to get back formatted data from memory card
  • The tool scans and displays all the internal as well as external drives connected to the system
  • Select the memory card drive and click on “Next” button
  • The program scans and displays all the restorable data from the formatted memory card
  • Mark the files and folders which you want to retrieve back
  • Finally, save the regained files to your desired location (But not on to the same formatted memory card)


  • The most essential thing is to stop using the formatted memory card to store any new data
  • Backup your precious data of memory card on system or any other storage devices
  • Avoid using memory card in unauthenticated systems or digital gadgets