Recovering Pictures from Pen Drive!

“Hello friends, I am in a much wired situation since I cannot see any data except an empty folder in my pen drive. Recently I transferred about 40 pictures to my pen drive from my digital camera. But now when exploring it in my PC, nothing is there in the pen drive but its memory status is still showing occupied. Suggest me how can I get these pictures back from pen drive?”

Since, these pen drives are easily compatible with many devices and performs very fast data transfer, mostly people use it for carrying and sharing photos, videos or other data. As pen drives are extensively used, pictures saved in it are highly prone to get lost or erased in different circumstances. Few of the photo loss instances when using pen drive are detailed below:

  • Picture loss might take place when pen drive is pulled out suddenly from PC during photo transfer process
  • Unintentional or deliberated erasure of images while removing selected files from the pen drive
  • Photos in pen drive may become inaccessible if file system associated with pen drive becomes faulty due to its frequent usage with different computers
  • If the pen drive is attacked by malicious programs or deadly viruses, images saved inside the drive may become invisible
  • User may format the pen drive when it is corrupted or after receiving format error; as a result they lose entire data along with all photos from pen drive

Picture recovery tool for pen drives!

You can term Yodot Photo Recovery is a specialized tool to retrieve lost or deleted pictures from pen drives. It is equipped with smart data analysis modules to ensure you get all type photos and other media files from pen drive in the shortest time. Other than SanDisk, this software assists users in restoring pictures from Kingston MobileLte G2 USB drive, iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive and other models of pen drives produced by Transcend, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Kingston, PNY, etc. With this tool, you can retrieve .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .raw, .tiff, .raf, .nef, .sr2, .cr2, .kdc, .orf image files that are generated by digital cameras and stored in pen drive. It is designed with a simple user interface to help users by allowing effortless and secure picture recovery from pen drives, memory cards, external hard disks and other type storage devices.

Simple procedure to rescue images from pen drive!

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery application to your system and install it by logging in as system administrator
  • As you launch the software, the main screen will open up containing two smart recovery steps
  • With the options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” provided on the main wizard; make your selection according to photo loss accident occurred on your pen drive
  • After selecting required option, move further to the next screen where you will be provided a list of all available drives
  • Select pen drive from which images are lost or deleted and then go ahead to the next window where you have to choose file types
  • After choosing different required file signatures, click on the “Next” option to initiate the scanning process
  • Upon completion of the scanning operation, all retrieved image files will be listed in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • You are provided with the option to preview the image files before they can be saved
  • Click on Save option to preserve all the restored pictures to your computer hard drive or selected storage location

Important Tips!

  • Apply the write protection notch on your pen drive to avoid accidental deletion or format operation
  • It is strongly recommended to avoid using pen drive soon after losing photos
  • Keep copying your favorite images from pen drive to other storage device

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