How to Retrieve Playlists from iPod?

iPods are the generation next media players that are available for the users, using which they can access audio files, video files, photos, etc. quite easily. As any other portable devices, iPods can also be carried away with us and use it wherever required. This iOS based electronic device uses flash memory due to which iPod performs much faster when compared to other media players with non flash memory type.

When you are busy carrying out some tasks like listening to music, watching some videos, sharing the pictures on the internet, etc., there are chances that the iPod may all of sudden turn off or does not responds to the user. This may sometimes lead to loss of valuable playlists that were saved in iPod. At these situations, there is no need to get anxious as the lost information on iPod can be restored back easily by using the services of best iPod recovery tool, which is capable of retrieving lost or deleted playlists from iPod effectively.

How are playlists lost or deleted from iPod?

  • Unintentionally removing the iPod from system during synchronization process can damage the iPod leading to loss of playlists and other media files
  • Connecting your iPod to a virus infected system can also cause deletion of some important information from iPod making the playlists inaccessible
  • Using the iPod when it is running out of low battery can also lead to loss of important playlists from the gadget
  • Some of the other reasons that contribute to loss of playlists from iPod are power surge, restoring iPod to factory settings, bad sectors in computer, hard drive failure etc.

iPod playlist recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery tool is equipped with advanced options, one among them is powerful scanning engines that allow the user to restore playlists that were deleted or lost from iPod as a result of various reasons. After completion of the recovery process, you can list out recovered data on the basis of file type, file name, file size, date in which the file was created and the signatures that are associated with the file types. Apart from recovering playlists from iPod, you can effectively use this product in retrieving media files from external hard drives, pen drives, flash memory cards, cell phones and others on Windows systems. With the help of user friendly interface, this application is easy to use for all types of users. It also supports recovery of RAW image files that are captured from different cameras and camcorders.

Follow these easy steps to restore playlists from iPod:

  • Before installing Yodot Photo Recovery application do make sure that the system is virus free
  • Download and install the application on Windows system by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of the installation process, user can view the shortcut icon on desktop
  • Run the program by double clicking on icon and follow the instructions provided in the main screen
  • Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery are the two options shown by this software
  • Click on any one of the desired option that has resulted in loss of playlists from iPod
  • After this, the recovery tool will provide a list of drives present on the system
  • Select the drive associated with iPod connected on the system from where the playlists are lost and proceed to scanning process in the next screen
  • After completion of scanning process, recovered data is listed in Data View and File Type view
  • Preview the file that needs to be saved and choose the destination location to save them

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Install good antivirus application in the system to prevent virus infection
  • Avoid abrupt removal of iPod during synchronization process
  • Always keep a backup of important data before performing iPod format or restore process