How to Recover Deleted and Lost Video Files?

Updated on May 18, 2020

Almost all of us have faced a bad experience of losing important video files from our computer, memory cards, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc. due to unexpected causes like accidental deletion, formatting of the storage drive, mishandling, system crash, OS corruption and much more. And, losing priceless video files is the oddest problem which we ever face. But, your lost or deleted video files are not gone forever. So, how to recover video files after any data disaster? Here is an answer.

Everyone knows that a video file conveys more information and emotions than photos. That is why people would like to capture and save their memorable events in the form of videos. However, losing video files have become a major issue these days. Sometimes people delete their video files either knowingly or unknowingly by mistake. Likewise, there are many real-time scenarios where people often end up losing their important video clips due to a number of reasons.

Causes for the Loss/Deletion of Video Files:

  • Formatting the memory card or storage drive containing your video file
  • Storage drive gets infected with harmful viruses
  • Interruptions while transferring your video file from one storage device to another
  • Ejecting or forcefully removing the memory card from camcorder or digital camera
  • Pressing Erase All button on camera while previewing videos
  • Accidentally deleting video files from the computer via command prompt, shift + delete keys, emptying recycle bin etc
  • Deleting videos files from external devices when connected to computer

When you delete a video or any other file from any of the storage device, it is not permanently removed. Only the index information of video files is erased from the file allocation table and file content remains unchanged as long as the deleted or lost video files are not overwritten or replaced by any new file. Since video files are stored in digital form on the drive just like any other file, they can be easily restored by employing a proficient data recovery.

However, you must act quickly. And, in order to maximize the chances of video file recovery, it is highly recommended to immediately stop using your drive from where you have lost your video files.

CAUTION: Once your video files are deleted or lost from your storage drive, immediately stop using the drive to avoid overwriting of the video files. Actually, when video files are deleted/lost from your storage drive, only the memory space occupied by the files in the drive is freedup and made available for new files to be stored. Untill the new files are stored in that location, the actual video files will remain intact in the same location, but made invisible for the users. So, to recover video files, immediately stop using the storage drive and utilize Yodot Photo Recovery tool to recover your video files.

Yodot Photo Recovery - Free Software to Recover Video Files:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an excellent video retrieval software, which can rescue all your missing and deleted videos from storage devices without causing any damage to them. In addition to deletion and loss, this application also provides procedure to get back videos from formatted memory card, iPods, hard disk, external hard drives, pen drives, mobile phones, digital video players, etc. It supports recovery of other media files like pictures, songs, RAW images, music files from various storage media on Windows OS.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Videos Files?

If you have lost/deleted video files from external storage device then, connect that drive to the computer and follow the below procedure.

Step 1: Launch Yodot Photo Recovery software and select Deleted Photo Recovery (to recover deleted video files) or Lost Photo Recovery (to restore lost video files) option.

Main Window

Step 2: Next, choose the drive from where you need to recover video files and click on Next button.

Select the Drive

Step 3: Select Music and Video as the file type to recover else, mention format (file extension) of your deleted/lost video in search tab.

Opt Music and Video

Step 4: After a quick scanning process the tool displays all the recoverable video files. Mark the video files which you want to restore.

 Recovered Video Files

Step 5: Play and verify the video clip using Preview option before saving it.


Step 6: At last, browse for the destination location to save your recovered video files.

Save Video Files

Useful Tips:

  • Don’t install the video file recovery software on the same drive from where you lost/deleted video files
  • Regularly backup your important video files onto external devices like an external hard disk, pen drive etc.
  • Don’t play your video files on unsupported media players
  • Download a good antivirus program to remove deadly viruses

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