How Do I Restore Deleted/Lost Video Files?

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“There are many real time scenarios where people often end up losing their valuable video clips on due to number of reasons. Suppose if you are on a vacation trip to Spain with your friends, since this was your first tour you recorded all those wonderful moments on your camcorder. The video you recorded were of high quality and resolution, but while returning from your vacation your friend has carelessly clicked on “Delete All” button while previewing the recorded videos and pictures. All video files recorded from the past few weeks will get disappear in a few seconds. You don’t want to lose those memorable videos at any cost...! So how do you manage to get back your video files?

Everyone knows that a video file convey more actions and emotions than the photos, that is why people would like to capture and save their memorable events in form of videos. However, losing video files have become a major issue these days. Sometimes people delete their video files either knowing or unknowingly by mistake.

Below are few listed causes for the loss of your video files:

  • Formatting the memory card or storage drive containing your video file
  • When storage drive gets infected with harmful viruses
  • Unintentionally dragging few of your video files to the Recycle Bin thinking that you have backup and emptying it
  • Interruptions while transferring your video file from one storage device to another
  • Ejecting or forcefully removing memory card from camcorder or digital camera

What happens when you delete a video file?

When you delete a video or any other file from any of the storage device, it is not permanently lost. Only the index information of video files are erased from file allocation table and file content remains unchanged as long as the deleted or lost video files are not overwritten or replaced by any new file on memory card or other storage drive. Since video files are stored in digital form on drive just like any other files, they can be easily restored by employing a proficient data recovery.

Note: In order to maximize the chances of video file recovery, it is highly recommended to immediately stop using your drive from where you have lost your video file/s.

Video Recovery Utility

Yodot Photo Recovery is excellent video retrieval software, which can rescue all your missing and deleted videos from storage devices without causing any damage to them. In addition to deletion and loss, this application also provides procedure to get back videos from formatted memory card, iPods, hard disk, external hard drives, pen drives, mobile phones, digital video players, etc. It supports recovery of other media files like pictures, songs, RAW images, music files from various storage media on Windows OS.

Video Recovery Procedure:

Note: If you have lost / deleted your video files from portable device then it is suggested to connect the device and then follow the below procedure.

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software from the page site and install it
  • Open the software and follow the main screen steps
  • Click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve your deleted video files or use “Lost Photo Recovery” option to rescue your lost video files
  • The software then scans the computer and displays all the drives and devices connected to the system
  • Select the device from where files are to be recovered and click on “Next” button
  • The tool completes the scanning process and displays all the recoverable videos from the selected drive
  • Choose the media files and folders which you want to obtain back
  • Preview the recoverable video files before saving them
  • At last, browse for the destination location to save your recovered files

Useful Tips

  • Don’t install the application to the same drive from where you lost your video files
  • Regularly backup your important video files onto external devices like CDs, DVDs, external hard disk, pen drive etc
  • Don’t play your video files on unsupported media players
  • Download a good antivirus program to remove deadly viruses

Other Popular Software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery (Windows)

Accidentally deleted a partition in an attempt make a dual boot system? Relax you can recover your important with ease using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software for Windows. The software can find and recover data from deleted partitions.


Yodot Mac File Recovery

The only undelete application for Mac that can recover deleted files from HFS+, HFSX partitions on Mac. The software also has the ability to recover lost files using RAW signature method.