Retrieve Videos from SDHC Memory Card

“I had recorded many videos on my camcorder and saved them on SDHC memory card present on the device. Today I connected this SDHC card to Windows desktop through card reader to move few video files. But during the video transfer process, the system got shutdown due to insufficient power supply, as a result video file transfer got dismissed. So, I removed the SDHC card from system and mounted it again on my camcorder. Later, I found that all my videos were missing from the card memory. How to get back those video files on SDHC card? Can anyone refer me good video recovery strategy?”

Definitely yes!! This kind of situation is widely faced by most of the memory card users. There are several kinds of memory cards available for electronic gadgets and SDHC is a category of Secure Digital card. It elaborates as Secure Digital High Capacity memory card that can be used on gadgets like video recorders, mobile phones, digital camcorders, HD cameras, etc. that has SDHC compatibility slot. Even though it is one of the most used memory card, users face many uncertainties and lose videos and other data from SDHC card in numerous ways.

Most common reasons for loss of video files from SDHC card are:

  • Unintentional formatting: Unintentionally formatting SDHC card is on system or on any gadgets and intentionally formatting SDHC card to free it from card errors will erase all video files saved on it
  • Abrupt removal of card: While recording / playing any video on your camcorder, if you remove SDHC memory card then video file might become inaccessible. Also, sudden removal of card from system when video files are being accessed can lead to loss of video files
  • Malware infection: If SDHC card gets infected by harmful viruses then it may cause automatic deletion of video files saved on the card. Addition to this, when SDHC card is connected to system antivirus scan may cause deletion of certain infected video files
  • Use of unsecured applications: When you make use of any unsecured third party applications on your digital device in which SDHC is used, then there are chances that files present on card may go missing or can get erased.
  • Other causes: Unexpected deletion of video files from SDHC card, improper mounting of the card on device, inappropriate cut paste operation to move files from SDHC card to other device, etc. may lead to loss of video files from SDHC memory card

If you have lost video files from SDHC card in any of these scenarios, then you might be wondering what strategy should be used in order to recover video files? But before knowing the recovery strategy, you should know one important thing. When video data is lost from storage media like SDHC card, stop using the card for saving any new data. Because, you might miss the chance of getting back your lost videos from card as it will overwrite on the recoverable files and causes permanent loss of files.

Get videos from SDHC card:

In order to extract lost or erased videos from SDHC card, you need to employ good video recovery software such as Yodot Photo Recovery. This tool can retrieve all types of videos and other media files like pictures and songs from SDHC memory card. It supports recovery of AVI, MPEG, M4V, MOV and other video file types from SDHC, SD, xD Picture card, MMC, Smart Media, Memory Stick, etc. You can also utilize this tool to rescue media files from digital cameras, mobile phones, iPod, external hard drives and many more on Windows operating system.

Recovery steps to be used:

  • First of all connect your SDHC card to Windows computer by making use of adaptor
  • Now download the software on the same system by clicking on download option provided above
  • After this, install and run the software to perform video recovery from SDHC card
  • Once you run the application, you can see two options in the main window, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select appropriate option based on the situation in which you have lost videos
  • As you make your selection, you can see list of drives that is connected and present on the Windows computer
  • Choose the drive that represents your SDHC card and proceed by clicking “Next”
  • Select the file types that you want to recover, else click on “Skip” to select all the files by default
  • Software scans the card and provides all recoverable files on the card
  • Choose the video files to recover with the help of “Data View” and “File Type View” window
  • Preview the videos to make sure that you have chosen right one to retrieve
  • Now, save the recovered videos in a new location on the system drive (But not on SDHC card)

Things to Remember:

  • Before erasing any files from SDHC card, make sure that the file is not required for further usage
  • Do not format the SDHC card unintentionally
  • Maintain regular backup of crucial video files from SDHC card to overcome data loss

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