Recover Data from xD Card

Devices such as digital cameras and MP3 players that were made before 2010 all supported xD cards. The xD (Extreme Digital) card is an ultra-compact removable memory media designed for digital cameras with the capability of storing an impressive 8GB of data. xD memory cards, also known as xD picture cards, offer both high transfer speeds and a high capacity required to meet the demands of modern technology. This particular memory card was developed by Fujifilm and Olympus. xD memory cards are more economical and save on battery life as they have low power consumption in comparison to other flash memory card. If you are looking for a flash memory card that supports high resolution images then the xD card offers the quality and capacity required.

Nonetheless, one of the limitations of using these XD card is that you may run the risk of losing your precious data if any sort of corruption or mishandling of the xD card.  If f you have accidentally deleted photos from the XD card for any reason, you don't need to worry about that. You can still recover the deleted/lost files from the XD card using efficient photo recovery software.

Situations responsible for the loss of xD card files

  • Formatting XD Card: Sometimes an error messages like “Card not initialized”, “card no formatted, format it now”, etc appears on your camera screen when you try to click new pictures. These errors restrict you from clicking new pictures and make all the previously stored photos on xD card inaccessible. This forces you to format the card, which results in data loss
  • xD Card Corruption: File system of the xD card can get corrupted due virus attack, format errors or incorrect handling. Files on xD card becomes unreadable leading to loss of media files
  • Interruptions during File Transfer: Interruptions in form of sudden power failures, system shut down and switching off the camera while transferring the photos or video files from xD card to computer can bring about loss of valuable files
  • Accidental Deletion of xD Card Files: You might have decided to delete unnecessary or redundant photos or videos from xD card to free its space. But while deleting if you would choose the important files and deleted along with unwanted files
  • Other Issues: Clicking photos when the battery is dying out of the power and ejecting the card without clicking on “Safely Remove” option or other option

What next?

When an unexpected data loss strikes, the first and most important thing you should do is to stop using your xD memory card for saving new files. This prevents overwriting your deleted data with new file and does not delete files permanently. Later download Yodot Photo Recovery software to get back media files i.e. photos, videos and music files as fast as possible.

About the software

Yodot Photo Recovery is software that you can purchase without any doubts to get back all those photos and videos from your xD card. The best part of this software is that it supports all kinds of memory cards. In most cases, you think you have lost your important photos, audio and video files but with the help of this recovery software, it is very easy to get back all your data instantly. This software restores photos and videos even from worst data loss situation. It offers step by step wizard for the recovery process sp that even a novice has no problem to use this software. It assures no loss of any data while recovery.

Simple and easy steps to retrieve xD card files

  • Connect xD card to your computer with the help of card reader
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your computer
  • Once the installation is done, run the software and start the recovery process
  • On the main window you can see two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” if you want to recover deleted files. For lost and formatted files click on “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • After selection the software displays the drives that are present in your computer. It even displays the external drive that you have connected
  • Select the drive that you wish to recover. The software starts scanning and shows the files that are present in the drive
  • Choose the files that you want to recover
  • Preview the files in order to confirm that right file has been selected to recover
  • Finally, browse the location in order to save the recovered files. Remember to save it in different location

Valuable Tips:

  • Before using your digital camera, make sure that your xD card’s battery is working perfectly and have plenty of life left in it.
  • Avoid over stuffing your xD card, as the card needs to keep some space free
  • Download good anti-virus software on your computer in order to get rid of the virus
  • Be careful while deleting files from xD card to prevent unintentional deletion of right files
  • Never use same xD card on different devices

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