How to Recover Data from SanDisk Micro SD Card?

SanDisk is one of the world's biggest provider of innovative memory cards, flash drives and storage devices. SanDisk's products have helped a lot in the growth of digital cameras, Smartphones, digital audio/video players, and many other digital appliances. There are many types of memory cards that are manufactured by SanDisk and one among them is SanDisk Micro SD card which is used in various types of Smartphones that are available in the market. As with any sort of convenient CPU storage media, there is often a threat of unintentionally losing files from SanDisk Micro SD card.

Due to certain scenarios, data present in SanDisk Micro SD Card gets lost or deleted. In some cases, SanDisk Micro SD Card gets corrupt and you are not competent to access stored information from card. How do you rescue missing or deleted files? What if it showed an error and all your data is lost from SanDisk Micro SD card? There is no need to get upset! The missing files from the SanDisk Micro SD card can be recovered effectively by using the services of SanDisk data recovery tool.

Some of the reasons that can lead to loss of data from SanDisk Micro SD card are:

  • Micro SD card gets infected with viruses leading to loss of information that was present on the card
  • Abruptly removing the SanDisk SD card from the system during file transfer process can cause loss of valuable data
  • Sudden power failure when the user is previewing files on computer will result in loss of data from SanDisk Micro SD card
  • Sometimes you encounter errors in SanDisk Micro SD card stating that “card is not formatted”, “card damaged error” and so on which certainly leads to makes card Micro SD data inaccessible
  • Unintentional formatting the SanDisk Micro SD card will wipe out the entire data from the storage media
  • Clicking new images when the memory is almost full on SanDisk Micro SD card can possibly lead to loss of media files

Overview of SanDisk Micro SD card recovery utility

No matter what is the reason behind loss of data from SanDisk Micro SD card, there is always a 100% chance of restoring the lost information from the card by using a dependable card recovery application like Yodot Photo Recovery software. This application has the ability to restore missing or deleted media files i.e. photos, RAW images, videos and music files from your SanDisk Micro SD card on Windows OS. Other Micro SD card, this is capable of recovering data from flash memory cards such as Mini SD card, SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, xD card, CF card, MMC and Memory Sticks manufactured by Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Lexar and others. With the help of dominant scanning engines that are equipped in this program you can easily rescue data from SanDisk micro SD cards which are formatted, corrupted or showing some formatting errors on Windows operating system.

Follow the simple procedure to restore data from SanDisk Micro SD card

  • Download and install the Yodot Photo Recovery software on your computer
  • On completion of the download process you will get a shortcut icon on the desktop
  • Run the application by clicking on product icon provided to you
  • The options that will be provided in the main screen of the application are Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery
  • Click on the desired option according to the scenario that has caused loss of data from your SanDisk Micro SD card
  • In the next screen you will be provided with the list of drives from the system along with SanDisk Micro SD card that is connected
  • Select the SanDisk Micro SD card and click on the Next button that will provide you the list of file types that have to be selected to restore
  • Once the file types are selected, then all that needs to be done is to proceed to the next screen which begins the scanning process
  • After the completion of scanning process restored Micro SD card files are listed in a particular order
  • Select the files that has to be rescued and then select the destination where the file needs to be saved

Safety Tips:

  • Install good antivirus protection abs scan SanDisk Micro SD card to prevent from virus infection
  • Avoid abrupt removal of the storage media when the read or write process is being carried out
  • Make sure that you don’t use the same SanDisk Memory card in different gadgets that result in its corruption

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