How to Recognize SDHC Card in Windows 7?

“I have bought a new camera which uses SDHC cards as storage drive. I have a 16GB card and saved many important data on it, however I didn’t use it since many days. When I tried to access it now on my system running with Windows 7; it is not recognized. Even more importantly I can’t retrieve my data from it. I am restless because of this issue. Can someone please help me out?”

While using external storage devices like SDHC, SD, XD etc cards you may face some issues as mentioned above. Let’s look into other problems which are experienced by various users.

Issue 1: My 8GB Micro SDHC card showing me a “insert a disk” message, when I try to access it on my Windows computer

Issue 2: The Kingston micro SDHC connected to my PC (which is running with Windows 7) says “card is not formatted. Need to format it?”

Issue 3: I am facing “card error” message in my laptop, when I try to open attached 8GB SDHC. I tried the card in other systems also; still the issue is not solved

Issue 4: When I connected my SDHC to PC in order to transfer all the photos present on it; it showed a message stated “card is unreadable and cannot be used”

These issues may arise because of various causes. In those, few of them are listed below:

  • Improper ejection of the SDHC from camera or PC
  • Interruptions during transfer of data or read/write process
  • Virus intrusion on SDHC
  • Presence of bad sectors on SDHC
  • Sudden power surge

All these causes are responsible for many issues which are faced by users while using SDHC. Due to these reasons you may face different error messages like card error, card unreadable, card not recognized, etc. when you try to access your SDHC card. You can try to find that unrecognized SDHC card using Disk Management.

Right click on My Computer > select Manage > click on Disk Management > you should see SDHC card on right hand side of the screen under Removable drives > assign it a drive letter > it should now show up in Windows Explorer.

If your card is not showing up in Disk Management, then it might be corrupted. But you need not worry regarding data present on it; as you can utilize Yodot Photo Recovery application to securely restore your data from unrecognized SDHC in Windows 7.

Unrecognized SDHC Data Recovery using Yodot:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an efficient way to recover data from unrecognized SDHC card in Windows 7 systems. It can easily retrieve data from corrupted SDHC card. This utility also serves best in, data recovery from memory card for windows 7. Along with SDHC and memory cards it can effortlessly fetch data from mini SD, micro SD, XD and CF cards. The tool is capable to retrieve audios, pictures, videos, RAW images, Word documents, PPT files, PDFs, etc. from SDHC. With the help of this tool you can recover data from other storage devices like portable drives, SSD drives, thumb drives, iPod and many others. Apart from Windows 7 this application supports data retrieval on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating system. With the assistance of this program you can also restore lost as well as deleted data from SDHC cards. Whenever your Macbook won't detect external hard drive, you can take help of Yodot Mac Data Recovery utility, developed by Yodot team.

Guidelines to Restore Data from Unrecognized SDHC Card:

  • Get Yodot Photo Recovery application and install it on your Windows 7 computer
  • Launch the utility after successful installation
  • Attach the unrecognized SDHC card from which you need to restore data
  • On main screen select Lost Photo Recovery option
  • Choose attached SDHC card from displayed list of logical drives and partitions and hit on Next button
  • Now the utility shows recoverable data in two views: 'Data View' and 'File Type View’: mark data which is to be retrieved using them
  • Preview the regained data
  • At last save them to your preferred location


  • Safely insert and eject your SDHC always
  • Avoid storing vital data on cards; keep a copy in hard drive

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