Rescue Files from Sony Xperia SD Card

“Please help!! I lost most important video clippings, pictures and other stuff from my Sony Xperia Smartphone while updating Apps on it. During update, the phone stopped responding all of a sudden and displayed blank screen. So I removed the battery of the phone and restarted it again. But, later I was shocked to notice that SD memory card on the mobile had become unreadable. I don’t have any backup of files from this SD card on my Xperia phone. Is there possible method to restore Sony Xperia SD card data? Please guide me with appropriate method, many thanks in advance.”

There are many Smartphone users who might face this kind of situation and lose valuable files from SD memory card on phone. Sony Xperia ranks top in manufacturing Smartphones with excellent features. Users store various files on Smartphone SD card such as photos, music, videos, documents, etc., losing which is truly a nightmare.

Here are few instances that may result to data loss from Sony Xperia SD card:

  • User mistakes: Users may unintentionally lose important files from SD card on Sony Xperia due to accidental deletion and incorrect transfer process of those files
  • Logical errors: Incorrect way of using SD card on Sony Xperia, using same card on multiple gadgets, abrupt removal of card, etc. can cause errors like format error on SD card after which files will be out of reach
  • Other factors: Improper upgrade of Android OS or rooting of Sony Xperia phone can erase all files present on phone as well as on SD card

In order to retrieve lost data from Sony Xperia SD card, industry experts suggest using third party file recovery tools. But, before using any tool, make sure no new files are added to the affected SD card, as it leads to data overwriting and hence permanent data loss. Hence, adding new data on to Sony Xperia SD card should be strictly avoided to achieve 100% recovery of files.

Sony Xperia SD card recovery program:

To accomplish flawless recovery of lost data from Sony Xperia SD card, make use of Yodot Photo Recovery program. This utility can bring back all file types like photos, music, videos, text, emails, etc. from Sony Xperia SD memory card with ease. Apart from SD card, this tool can retrieve media and other data from micro SDHC, mini SD, CF, MMC, XQD, xD Picture, SDXC, SM, memory stick and other flash memory cards. It can even rescue media data from SSD, system hard disk drive, portable hard drive, USB flash drive and many more storage components. This Android phone memory card data recovery program is compatible to work on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers.

Simple steps to retrieve data from SD card on Sony Xperia:

Important Note: Connect the SD card from your Sony Xperia Android mobile to a healthy Windows computer through right card reader

  • Download the software to that Windows system
  • Install the program completely and run it
  • In main screen click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” or on “Lost Photo Recovery” option according to file loss scenario
  • Then from the list of drives showing on screen, choose SD memory card from where files need to be rescued
  • Clicking next, software scans SD card and recovers all possible files
  • Glance at retrieved files in “Data View” or “File Type View” and preview selected file details
  • At last, save all necessary files in safe location on host computer drive or on other external storage devices, but not to same SD card

Useful Tips:

  • Confirm twice before erasing any files from SD card on Sony Xperia phone
  • Use recurrent backup of essential files from Sony Xperia SD card to avoid data loss

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