Recover Data from Verbatim Memory Stick

Verbatim Memory Stick is the perfect storage solution for everyone especially those who manage their work in external storage media. It has striped pinstripe design and available in a variety of storage capacities which is ranging from 2GB to 32GB. It is provided with a push and pull sliding feature that protects USB connection when it is not in use without the requirement of separate cap which can be easily lost. Like other Memory Sticks, Verbatim Memory Stick too stores huge amount of data which could be shared without any difficulties. In spite being reliable and durable storage media, it may sometime time display error messages while accessing data or you may perform improper operation which may result in data loss from it. Such unfortunate circumstances make you highly dependent on a valid backup; in case backup is not available then it may put you in a state of dilemma.

To elaborate about data loss from Verbatim Memory Stick, let us consider a situation where in you have connected Verbatim Memory Stick to your Windows computer to copy certain folders. Soon after connecting, you selected few folders by holding “Ctrl” key. Now you right clicked on the screen to copy those folders to your computer hard drive. But instead of clicking on “Copy” option, accidentally you hit on “Delete” option. Windows displayed a confirmation message that “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these items”. As you were busy you clicked on “Yes” option provided by Windows. Since Verbatim Memory Stick is an external storage media, deleted folders did not get stored in Recycle Bin. Those folders were very important for you as it had work related files and it was nowhere else other than verbatim drive.

Similar other situations responsible for data loss from Verbatim memory stick

  • If your computer is infected with the viruses, then you may lose few files from it. But when you connect Verbatim Memory Stick to your system, you might lose all files from it due to viruses
  • Accidentally pulling out Verbatim Memory Stick from your computer assuming that all files have transferred could lead to loss of files which were supposed to transfer
  • Unknowingly hitting on “Format” option instead of “Eject” option erases entire data present in Verbatim memory stick
  • Formatting Verbatim Memory Stick when Windows OS prompts to format will erase complete data from it and leaves it blank

Anyhow, you should not lose hope in any of the above situations when you come across data loss from Verbatim Memory Stick; since there is a software named Yodot Photo Recovery which can get you out of trouble without causing further data loss.

Verbatim Memory Stick recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery software offers satisfied result by restoring entire data like photos, videos, music, and other files which you lost as a consequence of deletion, formatting, corruption, etc. from Verbatim Memory Stick. This software has been designed by keeping all possible data loss situations in mind to retrieve files back. In case you are looking to recover file type which has not been listed by software, then it provides an option to add it and thereafter assists you in recovering files without any complications. Furthermore, you can preview recovered photos or other media files to confirm your selection and also to check the quality of retrieved media files.

Procedure to restore data from Verbatim memory stick:

  • First of all attach Verbatim Memory Stick to your Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool on to your system
  • Launch the application and follow as per the messages shown on the screen
  • Choose either “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option from the main window
  • Choose the drive representing Verbatim Memory Stick
  • Permit the scanning to complete and then choose the files which you want to recover from Verbatim Memory Stick
  • Preview media files before saving them
  • Choose the location to save the recovered files; remember it should not be same Verbatim Memory Stick from where you have recovered data

Points for consideration:

  • It is good idea to eject Verbatim Memory Stick from task bar icon rather than from Windows explorer as you may format it instead of ejecting
  • Make sure that you don’t pull out Verbatim Memory Stick from Windows computer when the transfer process is going on