Retrieve Files from External Drive on Windows That Freezes While Accessing Bigger Files

“Hi all, I am experiencing a frustrating problem. I work for a TV channel and normally, I need to work on large files (media files), which are more than 50GB in size. When I hook up my external drive that contains those big files to my Windows laptop and try to access the files, system hangs. After few minutes it goes back to normal mode. Exactly same thing happened yesterday. I waited for 5 minutes and my laptop came into working state. But I am unable to access my external drive now; laptop freezes again and again if I try to access external drive.

I have another USB drive formatted with NTFS and that never experienced this issue. The drive on which I am facing problem is Mac formatted. Anyone have any suggestions to diagnose the bug here? All the files on this external drive are my work files and I need to access them. So please help me out.”

First you need to protect your files present on external drive, since those are your work related files. Later you can fix the freezing issue of your laptop / PC. Hence, follow this step by step procedure to implement Yodot Photo Recovery tool and save your files on safe location.

  • Click on Download Now button present here
  • Track on-screen guidelines
  • Prefer Lost Photo Recovery mode
  • Select your external drive from list
  • Select required file type, go Next
  • Mark your video files either in Data View or File Type View
  • Double-click restored files and Preview
  • Provide location to save recovered files

Now try to resolve frequent freezing issue of laptop using below techniques:

1. Your system might be hanging when you try to access external drive since it is formatted with Mac file system (Ex-FAT). So format the drive with NTFS file system and try to access it

2. Try to change the Explorer setting: In case if your Windows system is the culprit, you can confirm this with the following option.

Windows 7 and below:

Go to Organize > Folder and search option > View > Uncheck “Always show icons, never thumbnails" and now verify whether it has any positive result

Windows 8 and above:

Go to View > Options > Folder and search option > Uncheck “Always show icons, never thumbnails"

Know about Yodot Photo Recovery tool:

You can absolutely trust and make use of this utility for recovering files from external hard drive. It has robust algorithm that is enough to identify and recover all file types from inaccessible external drive due to freezing issue of system. Addition to retrieving files from external drive the tool can effectively restore any sort of files from internal drives, SD, memory, SDHC, CF and many more storage devices. The efficient program is capable of restoring files from drives that are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems. It can effortlessly retrieve pictures, RAW photos, audios, videos, Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint etc files; upto 300 file formats. With its easy and smart program oriented GUI, the tool assists you in data restoration on systems and laptops operating with Windows 10, 8.x, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008.


  • Remove junk files, unwanted data, harmful program etc from your computer to keep the system healthy and faster
  • Monitor working of your system to avoid issues which may arise in future