Broken PowerPoint File Repair Tool

You have spent long time in preparing a PowerPoint Presentation by collecting necessary data, images and other related information after a long research, by browsing internet and from other available sources. This presentation was very essential as this was your final project. Due to some reasons, your system suddenly shuts down while you were busy editing some part of it. As result of this, your PPT file becomes corrupted or broken. You don’t even have sufficient time to prepare it again. What will be your next step to overcome such a critical scenario? Don’t have any idea? Then go for an appropriate file repair tool to fix broken PowerPoint file.

Reasons behind Broken PowerPoint File

  • Incompatibility of the PowerPoint version: If the latest Microsoft update is not compatible with the current PowerPoint version or the Windows OS that you are using, then it may affect the PowerPoint files in the hard drive of your computer and results in their damage
  • Abrupt system shutdown: Sometimes you may turn off your system improperly from the main switch instead of performing the regular Windows shutdown process. PowerPoint file will get affected or broken if you were working on it at that moment
  • Bad sectors on hard drive: Sometimes a bad sector in your system hard drive could be the reason of PowerPoint file corruption. Bad sectors may damage the presentation file and make it inaccessible

Solution to overcome the above problem

Using a third-party PPT recovery tool like Yodot PPT Repair, it is quite easy to fix corrupted PowerPoint files, because of its friendly graphical user interface and self-descriptive nature. It can repair PPT/PPTX files and recovers all objects of the PowerPoint file such as text, images, Word art, graphics, footers, headers, etc. Many users might have confusion as whether the software is beneficial or not?

This confusion can be resolved by downloading and evaluating the free trial version of this repair software. Purchase this software if you satisfied by the demo version’s outcomes. The software supports all the latest versions of MS PowerPoint and Windows operating systems.

Steps to repair broken PowerPoint file

  • Download the software and then install it to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Launch the product from the shortcut icon that is present on the desktop
  • Follow the options that are provided on the main screen of this repair application
  • Choose the damaged/broken MS Office PPT file which is to be repaired
  • Click the “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The repair process can be viewed by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion of repair process, a confirmation message indicating success will be displayed on the screen
  • Preview the repaired file by using the "Preview" button that has been provided
  • Finally save the fixed PPT file, to your desired location by making use of “Save” option

Tips to prevent PowerPoint File Damage

  • Have good practice of taking backup of PowerPoint file:
  • Safely close PowerPoint file before restarting or switching of your computer so that it does not get damaged
  • Make sure that you set the Registry Policy setting correctly in order to prevent PPT file corruption
  • Use an efficient antivirus program to make your system free from viruses and to avoid PPT file from getting corrupted