How to Open 2003 PPT file in PowerPoint 2007?

“Today when I tried to open 2003 PPT file from my friend in PowerPoint 2007 suite, a pop up message appeared like 'cannot open PowerPoint 2003 in PowerPoint 2007'. I have spent one week to create that presentation file. Is there any better solution to fix this error? Thanks in advance”

PowerPoint is outstanding application to create project modules, work report, annual report, slide shows, etc. with ease. It allows user to add charts, images, videos, animations, graphs and so on to enhance the look of presentation. Due to various unknown instances, PowerPoint 2003 presentation can get damaged and fails to open.

Reasons that corrupts PowerPoint 2003 files, making it unreadable are:

  • Saving PowerPoint 2003 file on malware infected computer and trying to open it in PowerPoint 2007 suite may lead to corruption and refuses to open
  • Unnecessarily converting 2003 PPT file format to 2007 and again changing it back to its original format may sometime damage the presentation file
  • Closing PowerPoint file abruptly instead of using Exit option might fail to open the file next time
  • While downloading 2003 PowerPoint file, if your internet connection slows down and fails to download completely then file can get damaged and does not allow to open in PowerPoint 2007 or any other versions of it
  • Sometimes, incorrect installation of PowerPoint 2007 application may even corrupt presentation file that is tried to open in it

If you encounter any of the above mentioned situation, no need to worry. This issue can be fixed by following few simple steps to open 2003 PPT file in PowerPoint 2007 as given below: First of all check if PPT 2003 file is blocked or not. If it is blocked then right click the file icon and select Properties. At the bottom of General Tab of Properties dialog, look for security message and a button marked Unblock. If you get the button, click on it to unblock the file and close the dialog box. Now try to open it on PowerPoint 2007. If it fails to open in 2007 then it is suggested to use prominent PPT repair tool to repair the file.

Software to repair PowerPoint file:

Yodot PPT Repair is outstanding software to easily fix damaged presentation file and helps to open 2003 PPT file in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. This tool efficiently repair corrupted PPTX files, PPT and PPS files as well without any problem. After employing this program, PowerPoint 2003 files can be opened in 2007 from various storage devices such as flash drives, memory card, SSD drives, external hard drives, etc. It assists user for repairing 2003 file format and open it in different versions of MS Office PowerPoint 2007, 2000, 2002 and 2010 versions. This tool can be installed on all Windows desktop running with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2003 operating systems. Moreover, it is featured with preview option to view repaired presentation files to check whether repair process was successful to open the file.

Steps to use Yodot PPT Repair tool:

  • Download and install Yodot PPT Repair utility on your desktop
  • Now allow the software to run and follow the instructions
  • When main screen gets displayed click on 'Browse' option to select corrupted PowerPoint file that has to be repaired
  • Then, click on 'Repair' button to start scanning process, you can see status of repair process in progress bar
  • After the completion of scanning process, you can view fixed PowerPoint 2003 file using 'Preview' option
  • Finally save repaired PPT file using 'Save' option in preferred destination location

Points Not to Forget:

  • Close MS PowerPoint file properly after completing your task using Exit option
  • Avoid using third party applications to edit PowerPoint 2003 file