Fix PowerPoint 2007 File Not Responding on Windows 7

“I was working in PowerPoint 2007 file on my Windows 7 computer. My work was about to complete and I kept on saving each and everything on PowerPoint 2007 file. However, Windows 7 computer suddenly hanged and I could not commence any action on it. After sometime, it came back to normal state, but PowerPoint file on which I worked for long time did not respond and showed an error message that ‘PowerPoint file is not responding’. Seeing this message I have forcefully closed PowerPoint file. Now, if I click on PowerPoint, it does not open. Is there any way that can help me to turn PowerPoint file in workable state?”

PowerPoint 2007 tool provides an excellent way to create outstanding presentations that captivate, educate and convey audience. It provides an easy method to explain your ideas by just generating slides. But several issues might cause PowerPoint 2007 file to stop responding while you are working, opening or giving a presentation. However, by going through certain troubleshooting steps, you can determine what is wrong with your PowerPoint 2007 file and make it workable on Windows 7 PC. Here are they:

  • Install Latest Updates: In case you have not installed latest Windows updates on your Windows 7 computer, then then you might encounter issues with the reliability of PowerPoint 2007 file; so make sure that you always have the latest updates
  • Disable Add-ins:Add-ins can sometimes cause PowerPoint 2007 file to behave unexpectedly. If you have recently installed any add-ins, then temporarily disable them and see if it solves your issue
  • Wait for the task to complete: Another process may stop you from commencing any action with PowerPoint file. So in such case PowerPoint 2007 file may not respond on your Windows 7 computer, it is suggested to wait for the task to complete
  • Disable Antivirus software: Make sure that you keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. If you still experience any issue with PowerPoint 2007 software, then try disabling antivirus software to see if it is causing any problem to PowerPoint file

In case you have followed these steps and still your PowerPoint 2007 file is not responding on your Windows 7 computer, then definitely your PowerPoint file is corrupted. To resolve any issue related to PowerPoint file corruption, you need to rely on powerful PPT file repair software like Yodot PPT Repair.

Reasons why you should choose Yodot PPT Repair:

In order to repair PowerPoint 2007 file with same quality, many users have preferred using Yodot PPT Repair software. As you can see in its name, it will completely repair presentation file not opening on Windows 7 PC and created on all popular versions of PowerPoint tool namely Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000. Besides fixing corrupt PowerPoint file, it will also recover its attributes such as text, formatting, header, footer, hyperlinks etc. It has user friendly application which involves only four steps; browsing, scanning, previewing and saving. It is possible to repair PowerPoint file which has been modified due to virus infection, unreliable recovery tool, CRC error and other logical faults using this outstanding presentation file repair utility. It has been specialized to repair corrupt PowerPoint presentation with PPT PPTX and PPS file formats. It can effectively fix PowerPoint 2007 files residing on any storage media on PC or laptop working with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Instructions to repair PowerPoint 2007 file on Windows 7:

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair software and install it to your Windows 7 computer
  • Soon after installing, run it to commence the repair process
  • Browse for the corrupted PowerPoint 2007 file and click on “Repair” option
  • Wait till the repair process gets completed and then preview repaired PowerPoint 2007 file for confirmation
  • Save repaired PowerPoint 200 file to preferred location on your computer

Beneficial Points:

  • PowerPoint 2007 file might get corrupted due to power failure, forceful system shut down, virus attacks and so on; hence keep backup of important PowerPoint file on reliable storage drive
  • Keep saving work which you done on PowerPoint 2007 file