Repair Error PowerPoint 2013 Crashes While Opening File

“Hi, I run Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus on my Windows 7 laptop. Yesterday night, I was preparing presentations for Office work and saved the completed copy on desktop. Then I opened it to preview but the Power Point crashed suddenly. I haven’t experienced this till now. Then I re-launched the application and tried to open the file again. I couldn’t open it. Not only that file, but I am not able to open many of my PPT files. I can see those files and when I try to open them, I will get a message stating “This is not a PowerPoint Presentation”. This is a very perplexing situation I am facing. I didn’t understand why application crashed all of a sudden and why I am not able to access my files. But now, all I need is to open my PPT files without any difficulty since those are very important for me. I am looking forward for any helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance.”

Why PowerPoint application crashes?

Sometimes PowerPoint 2013 application may crash, hang or freeze while trying to open files. This might be due to one or more of the below mentioned reasons:

  • If you have not installed the latest updates
  • PowerPoint may be in use by another process
  • Interference of previously installed add-in with PowerPoint
  • There might be a need for MS Office repair
  • Outdated antivirus software or its confliction with PowerPoint
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

What happens to PPT files after PowerPoint application crash?

When PowerPoint 2013 application crashes, your PPT files may get damaged. The sudden crash may alter the index, header and internal structure of PPT file. Whenever you try to open those damaged PPT documents you may encounter below mentioned messages and errors.


  • This is not a PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by file_name.ppt
  • Part of the file is missing


  • General Protection Fault
  • Illegal Instruction
  • Invalid Page Fault
  • Low system resources
  • Out of memory

Apart from application crash, PPT files may get damaged in various situations like improper termination of system or PowerPoint application, download errors, interruptions during transfer, issues in PowerPoint application, virus intrusion etc. and you will be prevented from accessing those damaged files. But every problem has solution. With the help of Yodot PPT Repair program you can assuredly access them.

Auspicious Method to Fix Unreadable PPT Files:

Yodot PPT Repair is the propitious tool to fix your PPT files which are damaged due to PowerPoint 2013 crash. This tool has ability to open corrupt power point file without modifying its original content and structure. This professional utility easily repairs corrupt, damaged and inaccessible PPT, PPTX, PPS files. It has ability to fix broken Microsoft PowerPoint files along with its text, text formatting, header, footer etc. Its elementary and user-affable interface assists even non-technical users in fixing presentation files smoothly and easily. This tool is expert in fixing inaccessible PowerPoint files that refuses to open, pops error message like unable to read file, xx.ppt cannot be accessed, file not found etc. This influential software can restore PPT files which are corrupted due to CRC error. After fixation you can have full preview of repaired presentation files, The utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10 and supports restoration of PowerPoint files from any storage drive including hard drive, external hard drive and media cards. Apart from PowerPoint 2013, it can repair files created by MS PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Not only PowerPoint files, you can fix when Word 2013 is not launching in your computer with aid of Yodot Doc Repair program.

Effortless way to open damaged PPT files:

  • Get Yodot PPT Repair package, install it on your system
  • Start the application after finishing
  • Click on Browse option in main screen
  • Select PPT file which is damaged due to PowerPoint crash
  • Hit on Repair key to begin fixation
  • Preview repaired file via Click Here to preview file link
  • Choose destination to store fixed PPT file

Points To Remember:

  • Close PowerPoint application properly
  • Don’t store PPT files on virus infected drives