Fix PowerPoint Does Not Open PPS Files Error

“Hi all, I have a PPS file which is not opening. When I am clicking on it, I am getting an error that the PowerPoint does not open PPS file. I have some slides in the PPS file which are very important for my work. I do not have spare copy of PPS file, which is not opening. Please let me know if you have any info about getting my PPS file data. Thanks in advance...”

The above scenario may happen with anyone at anytime. In that situation, you start to panic if you really have some critical data in it. PPS files are Microsoft PowerPoint 97 – 3003 Slide Show files which opens in Microsoft PowerPoint application which comes with Microsoft Office suite; otherwise PPS file can also be opened using PowerPoint Viewer software. You will lose access to your slides on the PPS file when it does not open due to the problem as in the above case. The issue may be with the PowerPoint application which is refusing to open the PPS file. If not, then PPS file might have got corrupt. The PPS files get corrupt for many reasons as given below:

  • PPS file gets corrupt due to improper download when downloading from mail attachments or any website. Make sure that you are using the internet connection with reliable speed and security
  • When PPS file is tried to convert to PPT or some other file format using unreliable software. It may happen that you try converting working PPS file sometimes which is not a good practice. If PPS is not opening by any default application on your PC,s Fix then only its format should be converted
  • The PPS file might have got corrupted when being shared via network or sent via mails. Therefore use some reliable means to transfer your important PPS files
  • While moving PPS file between drives on a computer, the process may get interrupted due to loss of connection for reasons like abruptly pulling out the device involved in PPS file transfer, sudden system shutdown and so on

There are many such situations of which you might have never thought that would happen and corrupt your PPS file resulting in errors upon trying to access them. However, you can solve error ‘PowerPoint does not open PPS files’ using effective repair software. Yodot PPT Repair helps you the best to fix PPS file.

PPS file repair software:

Yodot PPT Repair software helps you fix PPS files that will not be opened on Microsoft PowerPoint application. It has simple interface but powerful scanning mechanism for fixing any issue with PPS file. You can even fix PowerPoint PPT or PPTX files that stopped working after any problem. This utility supports repairing PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 versions on all computers/laptops that running on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. Try the demo version of the tool for more information.

Procedure to repair PPS file which is not opening:

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair software and install it on your computer
  • Run the tool and select PPS file which is not opening
  • Then click on ‘Repair’ option to start repair process
  • After repairing, the PPS file can be viewed using ‘Click Here to preview file’ option on next screen
  • Give a path by browsing a location on computer drive and click on ‘Save’ to save repaired PPS file

Useful Tips:

  • Keep backup of PPS file on your data storage devices to make use of it in case of deletion or corruption
  • Scan for viruses regularly using efficient anit-virus software to avoid PowerPoint PPS file corruption