Repair PowerPoint File Error after Update

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the popular media and presentation software packages which often releases updates for its products and you should take advantage of these updates in order to fix any bugs, to get the latest additions as well as improvements to the program. Luckily, Microsoft built an update feature into PowerPoint that lets you upgrade from within the program.

Even though these updates can make your computer more secure and add an extra advantage to your work, it can damage your PowerPoint files as well. There could be many reasons behind this type of behavior and few are listed below:

  • Incompatibility of Updated Version: If the latest Microsoft update is not compatible with the current operating system or the PowerPoint version you are currently using, then it may affect your PowerPoint presentation and you will not be able to open it
  • Interruption in Updating Process: During the automatic update, if some unexpected interruption takes place such as instant power failure or sudden system shutdown, then PowerPoint files might get affected by this updating failure and hence may become corrupted
  • Problem in Network Server: Sometimes errors in the functioning of networking devices like cable, switches, router etc may corrupt PowerPoint files. Also, PowerPoint files can get damaged if there is any problem in the internet connection
  • Other Issues: Software malfunction, Error 0-80070643, failed update error that occurs when the Office Source Engine is corrupted, Windows update, operating system failure etc. are other common causes responsible for PPT/PPTX file damage

Solution to fix PowerPoint Error after update:

When your MS PowerPoint file gets corrupted due to update error, then do not think that it is over, because it is very easy to fix PowerPoint file using software namely Yodot PPT Repair. This software helps you to fix PPT files broken due to Windows and Microsoft office update. It can assist you to mend corrupted PowerPoint files without changing its original content during the repair process. You will be able to recover all the PowerPoint presentation objects including diagrams, text, WordArt objects charts, music, animations, etc from repaired file. This utility repairs multiple PPT or PPTX files simultaneously. It guarantees 100% result which is why it is recommended by most of the professional experts and been popular among a huge number of customers.

Steps to repair corrupt PowerPoint after update:

  • Download the software and then install it to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Launch the product from the shortcut icon that is present on the desktop
  • Follow the options that are provided on the main screen of this repair application
  • Choose damaged/broken PowerPoint file which is to be repaired
  • Click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • The repair process can be viewed by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion of repair process, a confirmation message indicating success will be displayed on the screen
  • Preview the repaired PowerPoint file by using "Preview" button that has been provided
  • Finally save repaired PowerPoint file to your desired location by making use of “Save” option


  • When you are prompted to update links, do not click update links instead click “Cancel”
  • See that there is no interruptions while the update process is going on