How To Fix PowerPoint That Has Stopped Working?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used MS Office application in almost every corporate company, educational institute and many other organizations. Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional presentation program that enables user to create beautiful “presentation slides“ that can be displayed on computer screen or through a projector that’s plugged in to computer. The pages in PowerPoint will contain pictures, massive texts, graphs, sounds, and alternative things which will make your presentation more entertaining and easier to grasp.

“I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 Professional on my laptop and all applications are working fine except PowerPoint. Whenever I try to open presentation on PowerPoint it encounters an error message ‘Microsoft PowerPoint has stopped working’ on my laptop. I have tried to run it in safe mode, but the same error message is encountered. If anyone of you knows how to solve this issue then please help me to get out of this problem!!!”

At any instant of time, you may receive an error in PowerPoint when trying to open a presentation and if you let the PowerPoint repair to mend error, it causes PowerPoint to crash or it stops working, it may also block linked images or content.

Follow these simple steps to work around this ‘Microsoft PowerPoint has stopped working’ issue:

  • When you are prompted to update links, do not click Updated Links Instead, click Cancel
  • On the File tab, click Save as option and then save the presentation into a different folder
  • On the File tab, click Close
  • On the File tab, click Open and then open the new copy of the presentation
  • You are prompted to update the presentation links, click Updated Links
  • After PowerPoint finishes update, you receive the message then click OK
  • Click the File tab, and then click Edit Links to Files in the Related Documents area.
  • In the Links dialog box, select the link that you want to re-establish and then click one of the following:
  • Update Now: Use this to update the link to OLE objects or picture file
  • Change Source: Use this to change the source location of OLE object or picture file
  • Break Link: use this to break the link to the source file for the OLE object. Before you can break the link to a picture file, you must re-establish the link. Then you can embed the picture into the presentation
  • Save the presentation after you edited all broken links in the presentation
  • Even though, If you are not able to repair the PowerPoint using above procedure. Then you should use the best third party repair tool to repair the Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Microsoft PowerPoint Repair Tool:

Yodot PPT Repair tool promises quick and secure repair of damaged PowerPoint files as well as the PowerPoint files that has stopped working. Its advanced repair engine is incredibly effective as it repairs and recovers PPT/PPTX slides along with its objects like table, image, animation, word art, sounds etc. This software provides user friendly interface to fix PPT/PPTX files in three easy steps, so that less computer knowledge users can also use this tool wihout any difficulty. So you can easily fix any issues, errors that arise in PowerPoint presenations using this robust application.

Apart from PowerPoint, there are other applications provided in Microfost Office suit. In those, Outllok is the extensively used one. As its usage is high obviously users may face various issues in their Outllok account. But one relieving thing is you can employ inbuilt Inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft to solve your problems in Outlook. In case if you face scanpst.exe not working error while using it to repair Outlook then you can doubtlessly seek Yodot help to solve the issue.

Way to use Yodot PPT Repair:

  • Download and install Yodot PPT Repair tool on Windows PC
  • After installation, launch the software and follow instructions of the application
  • Browse and select broken PPT or PPTX file and click on “Repair” button to start scanning process
  • After completion of repair process, a window will prompt you showing that repair is successful
  • You can preview recovered PPT or PPTX file by clicking on “Preview File” option
  • Select desired destination location to store the repaired PPT or PPTX file

Things to remember:

  • Always save your PowerPoint file after doing any modifications or changes
  • It is good to have one or two backups of your Microsoft PowerPoint files at different locations
  • Never terminate your MS PowerPoint improperly or without saving files