Easy Way of Repairing Damaged PowerPoint File On Macintosh

“I created a presentation file on MacBook for my class seminar. Everything was almost fair until I transferred file to my USB drive. Since transfer was interrupted due to sudden system termination. Later I started my system to view my PowerPoint but was creating problem to open. Since within two days, I have my seminar and I couldn’t take the risk of creating one more presentation. The worst part is I do not possess a backup. Anybody step forward to help me please.”

Users with this kind of issues are scattered in mass across the world. If you find any such problem, do not worry because the solution is here.

What makes PPT files to get damaged?

  • CRC error, logical errors and other software conflicts on system
  • PowerPoint version upgrading
  • OS re-installation
  • Sudden or indecent system shutdown while processing a PPT file can cause severe corruption
  • Suspended transfer of PowerPoint files between devices
  • Virus infection
  • Bad sectors on hard drive that stores presentation files

Whatever the reasons might be, it is possible to fix them. Try some of the prescribed troubleshooting methods to resolve them.

First method: Changing the location of Presentation to another

  • Go to the folder containing the PowerPoint file
  • Copy the file to some other storage media
  • Now open the file copied and try to run file from its recently saved location

Second method: Insert slides from corrupt file into a new Presentation file

  • Open the corrupt PowerPoint and try importing slides to a new PowerPoint.
  • Select on Blank Presentation option
  • Click New Slide option from Home tab
  • Now select Reuse Slides button
  • Go to Browse option, select Browse Files
  • Select damaged PowerPoint file and click on Open
  • Right click on any slide from preview and select Reuse All button
  • Finally view the slides that were imported by running the slides one-by-one

If nothing works, then your file might be damaged severely. Immediately fix them using a software. One such tool upon many user’s recommendation is mentioned below, check it out.

Third method: One complete solution to repair damaged Mac PowerPoint file

Yodot PPT Repair application effectively fixes presentation files that are damaged badly. If you have a corrupt PPTX Mac file, get it repaired using this reliable utility. Because the tool is well built with advanced scanning technology that fixes file without altering the original file. Presentation files that are created using 2007 and above MS Office version can be repaired utilizing this software. Not just slides but even other attributes like images, chart, table, etc. can be brought back to form using this application.

Important: Before using this tool, make sure to transfer files to Windows system. Because repairing can be done on Windows alone.

Steps are just five, hurry up to see your presentation file fixed.

  • Download Yodot PPT Repair application and install it on PC
  • Launch the program and follow instructions provided
  • Select damaged file and click on “Repair” button
  • After completing repair process, use “Preview” option to view fixed file
  • Lastly save rescued files onto destination location

Methods to prevent PPT file damages

  • Do not terminate the program/eject external device from the system during file transfer
  • Keep a backup of vital files