Repair Microsoft PPS Files

“I am looking for a solution to the problem as follows. My daughter created some PowerPoint files in school and she tried to access those files in my laptop, but those files are not opening and showing error message “Can’t open .pps file”. As my daughter was in hurry to prepare for seminar, she attempted to open that PPS files repeatedly, but the result was unsuccessful. Next day when she tired to access those PowerPoint files again on school system, they were showing error message “Unable to open the xxxx.pps file”. I hope anyone who has gone through similar problem can help to resolve my problem, those slide shows are very important to my daughter”

PowerPoint Show (PPS) file is a slide show file viewable on Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This file can even accessible on other applications like PowerPoint Viewer, OpenOffice Impress and other related programs. These are actual PowerPoint presentations that have been modified by file extension i.e .pps, so it can be opened independently. PPS files open as full-screen slide shows and are non-editable PowerPoint files. Usually people prefer to create PPS files to send them via email. Unfortunately, if you encounter a scenario as mentioned above, then your PowerPoint slide file might have gone through issues like:

  • Your system may not installed with compatible applications that support PSS files
  • PowerPoint Slide file may get corrupted while transferring over network through email clients
  • Different encoding standards used in PPS file that you try to open and the application you have installed in your system
  • Harmful viruses infect the files preserved in system along with PPS files and make them inaccessible

In case, your PowerPoint Show file undergoes these concerns and refuses to open then don’t worry, take it easy!!! You can repair PPS file based on level of severity of corruption. There is a built-in option “Open and Repair” on Microsoft Office suite, it is used to fix inaccessible presentation slide file. If this option fails to renovate PSS file, then make use of appropriate PowerPoint file repair application like Yodot PPT Repair.

Valuable note on PPS file repair software:

Yodot PPT Repair utility is featured with inbuilt advanced algorithms, which supports to repair inaccessible PowerPoint Show files. It can fix presentation files, which are not opening under any critical circumstances. Including PPS files, you can even mend PPT and PPTX files and get back all the entities of presentation such as clip arts, tables, hyperlinks, animations, graphs, sound effects, etc. This utility is developed with simple interactive graphical interface, therefore any users can renovate PPS files by own without much technical knowledge. The application works well with all version of Microsoft PowerPoint such as PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Serve 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to repair corrupt PPS files:

  • Download and install the software to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Run the application from the shortcut icon from desktop
  • Follow the instructions that are provided on the main screen to repair PPS file
  • Select the damaged or corrupted PowerPoint slide file which is to be renovated
  • Click the “Repair” button to start fixing the inaccessible PPS file
  • You can view the repair process by looking at the progress bar
  • After completion of repair process, you can preview the repaired PPS file by using the "Preview" button
  • Finally save the mended PPS file using “Save” option to your desired location

Tips to follow:

  • Store multiple copies of essential PPS file on external storage devices
  • Proceed without care when your PowerPoint Show file refuses to open
  • Try to open the PPS files in compatible applications