How to Fix Unreadable MS PowerPoint Presentation?

In some urgency, you might have forcefully switched off their computer without closing PowerPoint file or other opened files properly. Next time when you open your presentation file, it may not open. It means that your PowerPoint has become unreadable for many causes. In disappointment, you will be asking yourself about problem of your PowerPoint file and possible ways to fix your PowerPoint Presentation to make it readable again.

Well, your presentation file could got corrupted due to the forceful shut down of system as it can affect the PowerPoint file structure and makes it unreadable. The only way to access and view PowerPoint slides is to get it repaired. So you have to look for accurate tool that can fix unreadable PowerPoint file. Yodot PPT Repair can be used in this scenario to safely repair unreadable presentation file without modifying its structure during repair process.

PowerPoint file becomes unreadable due to the below mentioned causes:

  • You may face sudden power surges while working on PPT file power surge which leads to abrupt shutdown of system. This could cause damage to your unsaved PowerPoint file
  • Corruption of PowerPoint file header due to virus, malware or spyware infections on the drive containing your PowerPoint files
  • Sometimes error in Registry policy settings makes PowerPoint files unreadable. If the setting in the Registry policy is not set properly, then you cannot open and access your presentation file
  • Using unreliable recovery software to get back deleted or lost MS PowerPoint files can affect its file structure there by corrupting your file. You won’t be able to open it even after saving it on the system

Features of PPT File Repair Software

Irrespective of reason that corrupted your PowerPoint file, you can use Yodot PPT Repair software to effortlessly scan and fix errors in PPT/PPTX files on Windows PC running on operating systems like Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008. It repairs and recovers components of PowerPoint file such as images, animations, sound effects, embedded objects, text, hyperlinks, etc. The use of Yodot PPT Repair tool is made simple and straightforward with its user friendly interface that shows step-by-step instructions to repair corrupt PowerPoint file with ease. Just follow these steps as the software guides you to complete repairing of inaccessible presentation file.

Directions to fix unreadable PowerPoint file

  • Download the application from the website
  • Install the software on your laptop or computer
  • Follow the instructions given on the main screen
  • Choose the corrupted PPT/PPTX file that is supposed to be repaired
  • Hit on “Repair” button to begin the repair process
  • The repairing process can be viewed by looking at the progress bar
  • Once the repair process ends, a confirmation message indicating successful repair will be displayed on the screen
  • View repaired PowerPoint file using “Preview” option before saving
  • Finally save fixed PowerPoint file to the desired location by making use of “Save” option

Helpful Points

  • Avoid improper termination of Microsoft PowerPoint file
  • Install a good antivirus program to remove deadly virus from your system
  • Backup your important files onto some external storage drive
  • Use trustworthy and read only software to retrieve deleted/lost PowerPoint files