Resolve Photoshop CS3 Extended Error

You were editing a photo using Photoshop CS3 Extended application installed on your computer. But the editing process got stopped all of a sudden and your system hanged. Instead of waiting, you gave command to close Photoshop CS3 Extended tool. As your system was in frozen state, it did not close Photoshop CS3 Extended and to overcome this, you have switched off your system directly without applying proper method. Few minutes later when you turn on your computer, you found Photoshop CS3 extended file in damaged state. This kind of situation may disappoint you since you had edited photos by wasting lots of time. .

Although Photoshop CS3 Extended is an outstanding application to edit organize and manage photos, one may lose access to the images which has been modified using Photoshop CS3 Extended application. Users might be presented with various error messages when Photoshop CS3 extended is damaged. Following are few error messages:

  • Could not complete your request because program error
  • Photoshop Scratch Disk full error
  • Photoshop file access was not granted
  • Photoshop file end of file error
  • PSD file will not read error
  • Preferences file was invalid in Photoshop

After going through the error messages, it is necessary to know about the scenarios for Photoshop CS3 Extended file corruption. Following are some known causes for corruption Photoshop CS3 Extended file:

  • Photoshop CS3 Extended will be corrupted and fails to show images when you exit it abruptly without picking suitable option
  • Virus attacks on your Windows or Mac computer might damage internal structure of Photoshop CS3 Extended file making its content inaccessible to you
  • Usage of system for longer time may develop bad sectors and if you save Photoshop CS Extended file on that drive, then it might become inaccessible
  • You will lose access to Photoshop CS Extended file if you shut down your computer without closing Photoshop CS3 file that is already open

Resolve Photoshop CS3 extended error:

To resolve errors associated with Adobe Photoshop CS3 application, one can take help from software named Yodot PSD Repair. This application will effectively scan Photoshop CS3 Extended and gets required information from it to create new Photoshop file. It fixes PSD file in only 5 steps and shows you its preview, so that you can check whether the file has been correctly fixed or not. It can repair Photoshop file having 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. Besides fixing PSD file, it will help you to regain access to damaged PDD file on both Windows and Mac computer. One can repair Photoshop file created using various versions of Adobe Photoshop application named Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1, CS, 7.0, 6.0, and 5.5. Download demo version of this software to check whether it can successfully fix broken Photoshop file created on your Windows or Macintosh computer.

Steps to fix Photoshop CS3 Extended error:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair software and install it to your computer by going through the steps suggested by the software
  • Launch the software and choose to repair Photoshop CS3 file which shows error message
  • Then application starts scanning and once it is done you will be presented with message about successful PSD file repair
  • Preview repaired PSD file  that has different layers
  • Finally save fixed Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended file in a desired location

Valuable info:

  • Never close Photoshop Extended CS3 file improperly when Photoshop CS3 Extended application hangs
  • Copy Photoshop CS3 Extended file and store it in a safe location to use it in case of corruption