Repair PSD File after Photoshop CS4 Quits Unexpectedly

“I was working on important project in Photoshop CS4 tool and I was saving everything which I have done. But don’t know what happened, Photoshop CS4 turned off unexpectedly. I tried to reopen Photoshop CS4 application but it did not respond. Despite of restarting computer, the problem did not resolve. How can I make Photoshop CS4 work?

Photoshop CS4 is the 11th version of Adobe which gives new amazing features compared to earlier version. It will now facilitate the ability to load even 3D model and edit them according to the requirement. Along with this, Photoshop CS4 allows you to share the screen online with couple of people and show them what you are doing. It also comes up with a new method of slicing your photos with CSS exported for you. However, many users have reported that while working on Photoshop CS4 file, it shuts down unexpectedly and upon reopening it does not show any data stored upon it. Few users are under the impression that there is some issue with Photoshop CS4 file itself. However, in reality, Photoshop CS4 is an outstanding tool which has been introduced by testing it completely. But due to corruption issue, it keeps on shutting down while you are working on it.

There are many reasons for PSD file corruption rendering it to shut down frequently. Following are the important one:

  • Quitting Photoshop CS4 forcefully when it stops responding due to software malfunction could make it corrupted
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 file may get damaged and shuts down unexpectedly in case your work on it is halted by power failure
  • Virus attack on PSD CS4 file may initially lead to shut down Photoshop tool and at last damage it by making inaccessible
  • Photoshop CS4 PSD file may not respond and turn off in case it is not compressed by following proper way

Few users uninstall Photoshop CS4 tool when it shuts down unexpectedly without any intimation. However, when you uninstall Photoshop CS4 file, then along with application photos edited in it will be deleted permanently. So, never commit mistake of uninstalling Photoshop CS4 application which turns off in the middle you are working. In turn make use of result oriented software like Yodot PSD Repair.

Photoshop CS4 file repair utility:

Yodot PSD Repair software will resolve minor as well as major issue of Photoshop image files and facilitates you to access edited photos in it. It is a handy tool to fix corrupted Adobe Photoshop files in PSD and PDD file formats. This application will work with all common color modes such as gray-scale, indexed color, RGB, duotone and so on. Also, it works with wide range of color depths such as 1, 8, 16, and 32 for better repair results. Along with this you will be provided with a preview window to show all recovered layers from repaired Photoshop CS4 PSD file. This Photoshop file repair software works on both Mac and Windows computer to repair not only Photoshop CS4; but other versions such as Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop CS, Photoshop CS1, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop CS6. Download free demo version of this PSD repair utility to fix and open corrupt PSD file in Photoshop CS4 after it shuts down unexpectedly due to any reason.

Procedure to repair Photoshop CS4 file that shuts down unexpectedly:

  • First of all download the software and install it to your computer to open corrupt PSD file in Photoshop CS4 tool
  • Once you complete installation process, run it to begin the PSD file repair process
  • Now select PSD file and click on “Repair” option to start the scanning
  • Soon after the completion of scanning process, you could preview different layers of PSD CS4 file
  • Choose any safe location to save repaired PSD CS4 file

Measures to Take:

  • Never quit Photoshop CS4 file directly instead click on “Exit” option to safely quit
  • Keep scanning your computer with Antivirus software to remove harmful viruses