Fix Corrupt Photoshop Elements File

“I have edited few images in Photoshop Element and upon completion; I have closed it without using the proper option facilitated in it. This was the first time I have exited Photoshop Element improperly and it has resulted in corruption. Now I cannot view the photos that I have edited using Photoshop Element. Is there any procedure that I should follow to fix Photoshop Element?"

Adobe Photoshop elements is a graphical editor application which allows users to create, organize, edit as well as to share it on various social networking sites. Its simple user interface will allow non-experts to use it and change pictures according to the requirement. But due to wrong usage Photoshop Element may get corrupted and display error messages instead of showing images edited in it.

Certain situations that may corrupt Photoshop Elements file are:

  • Edited PSD files on Photoshop Element may get corrupted if you forcefully shut down your computer ignoring the warning message which your system displays
  • There may be the possibility of Photoshop Element corruption if your system is not scanned using Antivirus software and it has become the victim of virus infection
  • In case transfer of Photoshop Elements file from one location to another is stopped by power surge, then it might corrupt Photoshop Element
  • Software malfunction can also damage internal structure of Photoshop Element file
  • Frequent system freeze may sometimes damage Photoshop Element and you cannot view photos edited upon it

Corrupt Photoshop Elements file repair tool

To get your PSD file safely to the normal condition without any further damage, one should use professional PSD Repair software named Yodot PSD Repair. Built in with simple steps, this application will repair corrupted PSD file and shows its preview containing different layers. Along with PSD file, it can successfully repair PDD file having depths of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. In addition to this, it will assist you to fix PSD file which has different color modes such as Gray Scale, RGB, CMYK, multichannel color Duotone color, CMYK color, Lab color etc. It will help users to resolve unexpected and unrecoverable Photoshop error, Photoshop unsupported color mode CMYK, Photoshop file Scratch Disk error, not valid Photoshop document error, Photoshop file not readable error etc. It supports to run on both Windows and Mac computers which are preinstalled with Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Directions to repair Photoshop Elements file:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair software and install it to your Windows or Mac systems
  • Run the software and then start to repair corrupted PSD file
  • Main screen asks you to select corrupted PSD file
  • Once you select PSD file, click on “Repair” option and wait till it gets finished
  • You will now find a window with successful Photoshop file repair message
  • Preview PSD file having different layers
  • Finally save fixed Photoshop Elements file in a safe location on computer or external storage device

Things to Follow:

  • Avoid closing Photoshop Element application directly as it could leads to corruption
  • Make sure that you create backup of PSD file every time you edit it in Photoshop Element application