Solve Photoshop Issue Cannot Complete Request Caused By Missing Resources

“Hi all, I guess I am having some serious issues with my Photoshop application. I had lost few days of work due to a random bug. So I spent whole day and worked in Photoshop to catch up lost work. Then I saved the PSD, closed the file. Later I tried to reopen it to do some changes and I got an error that stated “Could not complete your request because the required resources were not found”. Now I am unable to open my PSD file. What does this error mean and is it possible to resolve this problem?”

Yes off course! You can resolve this problem. This error typically indicates that certain resources are missing, so application cannot process further and hence it cannot open your PSD file. Missing resources might be related to Photoshop application or to respective PSD file that you are trying to open.

So first check whether Adobe Photoshop application requires any updates, driver software etc resources. If yes, then do it. Later try to open your PSD file. If it still fails to open then try this solution:

Note: If Canvas is extended than the original canvas: find and select original background layer then Crop it.

If this technique didn’t help you in fixing issue, then lastly verify whether you are facing issue with all Photoshop files or only with this PSD. The issue is limited only to this File means it might be corrupted and you need to fix Photoshop file. To efficiently repair corrupt PSD document after Photoshop error “could not complete the request as required resources not found”, employ this step-by-step guidance.

Apt way to restore Photoshop documents:

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  • Save multiple copies of your vital Photoshop files, both on hard drive as well as on external storage device, to avoid them from being corrupt in future, due to errors generated in application while working on them.

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