How to Repair Adobe Photoshop CS2 Files?

“I use Adobe Photoshop version CS2 to create and edit images on my system. Recently, while working on an important PSD file, my system got shutdown all of a sudden due to power surge causing abrupt termination. Later, when the system was powered up I tried to open the previously working PSD file. But it refused to open showing some error message. I was shaken by this act because that image file was too important and it is not accessible now. So, how can I fix this Photoshop CS2 file? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.”

There is nothing to worry when your PSD file is not opening  or showing some error message. PSD files from Photoshop CS2 and other Adobe versions can be easily fixed with the use of reliable repair utilities. Compacted with many advanced features, Adobe Photoshop stands as the global leader for advanced graphics editing. Images that are created with Adobe Photoshop are saved as .psd files. This application has many versions and one of the earlier popular version is Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Photoshop Creative Suite (CS) 2 version of Adobe consisted of many attractive features than its previous versions like Smart Objects, Image Warp, updated Spot Healing Brush, Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, etc. to enhance the quality of images being edited / created. One can even modify and convert various types of RAW images without much difficulty in Photoshop CS2. Yet, there are many irregularities that make image files in Adobe CS2 inaccessible just like in the above mentioned example.

What are common causes for inaccessibility of PSD file in Photoshop CS2?

  • Software conflicts in the working of Adobe Photoshop CS2 application may sometimes cause damage to PSD file
  • Virus infection to CS2 image file can corrupt and makes it inaccessible for further use
  • Converting the extension of CS2 PSD file to other format can corrupt and make it unreadable
  • Interruptions while editing Photoshop CS2 file like abrupt closing of Adobe tool, fluctuations in the power supply, etc. damages CS2 files

In other times PSD files on Photoshop CS2 may not respond due to corruption of storage device, up-gradation of Adobe Photoshop version, improper compression methods, use of third party tools to open PSD files, etc. and might lead to corruption of Photoshop CS2 files.

How to fix Adobe CS2 Photoshop files?

You can accomplish the task of repairing your PSD files of Photoshop CS2 application by utilizing one of the safest and eminent PSD repair tool such as Yodot PSD Repair. This tool explicitly repairs Photoshop PSD and PDD image files created from various versions of Adobe Photoshop including CS, CS2, CS4, CS6, etc. within few mouse clicks. PSD files with 8, 1, 16 and 32 bit channels and having grayscale, RGB, duotone and other color modes can be fixed by using this tool. By using this renowned PSD repair tool, you can also fix PSD file layers that are damaged because of numerous reasons on Windows 2003, 2008, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 8 OS based computers. Mac users can utilize Mac version of Yodot PSD Repair to mend corrupt Photoshop CS2 files on their Macintosh computer.

Follow these steps to fix PSD files on CS2 Photoshop:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair on your Windows system on which PSD file resides
  • Install and launch the tool by going through the steps shown on its interface
  • Now, browse and select the victim CS2 PSD file that has to be repaired with the help of Browse button
  • Once you select the PSD file, click on repair button to trigger repair process
  • The status of repair process will be displayed in progress bar
  • Few seconds later, repaired CS2 image file along with its different layers will be displayed based on name and size
  • Examine  the required PSD file using Preview option
  • Next, save the CS2 Photoshop file in desired location on the system drive

Avoid things like:

  • Editing PSD file of one version in non compatible Photoshop version
  • Using unreliable third party applications to open PSD files
  • Abrupt termination of system when Adobe CS2 is active