Repair Photoshop CS4 after File Size Limit Error

“I have edited few photos using Photoshop CS4 application. While editing, there were no issues but when I tried to save them, Photoshop displayed an error message that ‘Could not save because the file exceeds 2GB limit’. Worst to this, the photos which were already stored upon Photoshop file has become inaccessible and refuse to open now. How can I make them viewable? Please someone let me know the correct procedure”

Photoshop CS4 is one of the effective application in which you can edit images according to your need. Like other application, Photoshop file too have limitation. One can save only 2GB of data in it. If you try to edit and save more images, it will get corrupted and display error messages indicating the same. However, this is just a small issue which can be resolved by going to control panel and clicking on “Uninstall a program”. Once you get list of applications available on your computer, just click upon “Uninstall / change” option. This will correct the issue and you can access Photoshop file. But the risky factor involved in this option is, it will remove entire components of Photoshop file along with images edited in it. Hence, if you wish to retain the photos, you are suggested to download prominent PSD Repair software on your Windows or Mac computer.

Other reasons that leave PSD CS4 file in a corrupted state are:

  • Ignoring the message and forcefully shutting down your computer when PSD file is still open will damage it
  • Directly closing Photoshop file without making use of proper option given on it could damage header of Photoshop CS4 file by making entire file inaccessible
  • Photoshop CS4 file may get damaged if you save it on a system which is already infected with harmful viruses
  • Improperly compressing PSD file without using correct technique will have adverse effect on Photoshop file, which shows errors upon trying to open it
  • Photoshop tool malfunction due to various logical errors such as power failure, software conflicts might, etc might damage Adobe Photoshop CS4 file

Photoshop CS4 file repair tool:

When you are unable to open Photoshop file after it crosses its fixed file size limit, then do not delete it assuming that it is of no use; because there is software named Yodot PSD Repair which can scan entire Photoshop file and repair it to reuse again. It will help you to fix Photoshop CS4 files with different color modes such as Bitmap, Indexed, RGB, CMYK, multichannel Duotone and lab color. It can help you to fix Photoshop images with a color depth of 16 and 8 bits per channel on computer running with Windows computer and 1,8,16, and 32 bits per channel on Mac computer. You need not think more about the repaired PSD file quality as this Photoshop file repair application will carefully fix image file without altering original file structure. This tool comes in two separate versions to let Windows (Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008) and Mac OS X (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) system users to fix their damage Adobe Photoshop CS4 file showing error messages.

Procedure to repair Photoshop CS4 after file size limit error

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair software on your Windows computer and install it by following few steps
  • Run the utility and go as per the instructions given on the screen
  • Pick corrupted CS4 PSD file and then click on “Repair” to begin repair process
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed and once it is done; you will be intimated with message indicating successful Photoshop CS4 file repair
  • Preview repaired CS4 PSD file and at last save it on a safe location on your computer hard drive

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not try to load more photos in Photoshop CS4 file as it will corrupt and deny to edit and save images
  • Utilize any good antivirus software so that you can scan your computer regularly to get rid of viruses or malware threats