Mend Recovered PSD File

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used graphics and image editing tool, which hold features like creating images, editing, outlining, 3D effect, drawing, etc to enhance visibility of picture file. The Photoshop PSD file acquired its identity by rich graphics and high picture clarity. Therefore, most of the photography professionals and normal users rely on Photoshop to create and improve quality of images by putting many efforts. However, some situations might result in loss or deletion of PSD file stored in systems.

Sometimes you might delete PSD file unknowingly by clicking on Shift + Delete key combination. In few instances due to virus attack, unintentional formatting, operating system corruption and other reasons end up erasing your valuable PSD files on PC. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology one can restore permanently lost or deleted PSD files using any file recovery software. Albeit, some of the users may face difficulties while retrieving deleted or missing PSD files and end up with inaccessible PSD files after recovery.

Let’s discuss few reasons behind inaccessible PSD file after recovery:

  • Using unsuitable file recovery tool to rescue deleted or missing PSD file will make it inaccessible
  • Unsecure or virus incorporated file recovery software might corrupt your PSD file during its recovery
  • Interruptions like terminating the file recovery process abruptly or sudden system shutdown due to power surge while performing PSD file recovery may lead to its corruption
  • Errors while operating PSD file recovery application can cause inaccessible Photoshop file

Software to fix recovered PSD file:

The above listed reasons might cause PSD file corruption during or after recovery process. In order to access such corrupt PSD file you need to repair it. One of the appropriate and finest software to fix recovered PSD file that is corrupted is Yodot PSD Repair.

Yodot PSD Repair tool will fix your PSD file corrupted due to any of the critical reasons. This software has a strong built in algorithm to repair your Photoshop PSD file which is severely damaged after improper recovery on Windows systems. Its simple on screen instruction do not require any technical skills to fix PSD file corrupted due to CRC error, virus attack, improper termination and other reasons. The application repairs PSD file by fixing all its layers separately without modifying original contents. One can mend inaccessible PSD files belonging to various editions of Adobe Photoshop like CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS6, 5.5, 6, and 7.0. Apart from this utility can be easily installed on Windows system running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 and Windows 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps to repair PSD file after improper recovery:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair software and install it to your Windows system
  • Run the software and track the on screen instructions
  • Select the PSD file corrupt due to inaccurate recovery
  • Click on the “Repair” button to initialize the repair process
  • View the PSD file fixing progress in the status bar available
  • After completion of repair process, view the repaired PSD file using Preview button
  • Finally click on “Save” button to save your fixed Photoshop PSD file on system

Precautionary steps:

  • Try to choose accurate file recovery application to restore deleted or lost PSD files
  • It is good to backup essential Photoshop PSD files on other storage components
  • Always maintain genuine and updated antivirus software on system