Repair when Photoshop is Not Working on Mountain Lion

Abode Photoshop is most compatible photo editor which can be used in both Mac and Windows operating systems. When it comes to Mac OS, adding to its rich graphics drivers, Photoshop application give more possibilities for image enhancement. This photo editor works equally with all editions of Mac operating systems for example Mac OS X Mountain Lion. One can create, edit, modify or enhance image quality using Photoshop software on Mountain Lion effectively.

Sometimes even most flexible Adobe Photoshop tool will become complicated to handle and make you struck while accomplishing important tasks in it on Mountain Lion system. Smooth functioning of Photoshop application may get halt on Mountain Lion computer because of various reasons. Due to improper up-gradation / installation / re-installation, in-sufficient plug-ins and many other irregularities, Photoshop tool may stop working on Mountain Lion system. In these circumstances, a Photoshop user can fix issues with the assistance of standard user guide that comes with software package.

On other hand, in few situations Photoshop app might not respond as intended while opening PSD file on Mountain Lion computer. There might be numerous reasons for abnormal behavior of Photoshop program; some of them include corrupted header, missing layers / color codes, damaged file structure and many more aspects related to PSD files. These calamites occurs in Photoshop file as a results of improper termination of Photoshop software while editing PSD file, applying various operations in PSD file at same time, malfunctioning of Photoshop application and many more issues.

Usually one can go for in-built repair option to fix these types of malfunctions in Adobe Photoshop application or respective PSD file. Conversely, Photoshop built-in repair option may fail to fix severe corruption issues. Thus, it is recommended to use finest and reliable Photoshop file repair software to fix PSD file when Photoshop not working on Mountain Lion system.

Photoshop file repair tool:

Yodot PSD Repair application consistently repair PSD file when Photoshop not working on Mountain Lion system. This software consists of well-ordered and built-in modules, which helps to fix inaccessible Photoshop file when Adobe Photoshop stop working. It’s simple and friendly GUI assist in fixing any kind of corruption issue with PSD file safely and securely on Mountain Lion computer. This utility will scan each and every layer of inaccessible Photoshop file to fix damaged parts and supports Bitmap, Gray-Scale, CMYK color, Multichannel color, Indexed Color, RGB color, Duotone color and Lab color modes. You can fix after Photoshop image not showing up in Adobe Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS6, 5.5, 6, and 7.0 versions. Along with Mountain Lion OS, you can repair PSD file on Snow Leopard and Lion operating system based computers.

Steps to fix PSD file when Photoshop not working on Mountain Lion:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair software and install it in Mountain Lion system
  • Launch installed program and proceed with on-screen instructions to repair inaccessible Photoshop file
  • From first screen click on “Browse” button to select not opening PSD file that has to be fixed
  • Then hit on “Repair” option to start Photoshop file repair process
  • You can observe PSD fixing procedure in progress bar
  • After completion of repair process, you will find repaired Photoshop file along with its layers
  • At end, save fixed PSD file to your desired location on Mountain Lion computer

Important Tips:

  • Avoid terminating Adobe Photoshop application abruptly on Mountain Lion system
  • Backup of valuable PSD files on external storage devices
  • Don’t use incompatible Photoshop program version to open a PSD file