How to Fix Corrupt Multi-Part RAR File?

RAR file is a container that holds set of files in compressed form created on WinRAR application. RAR compression of files is very popular as it provides secure way of compressing n number of files in to a single file. And a compressed RAR archive holding huge data can be saved within very small memory space, due to which data transmission and storing becomes easy. Sometimes RAR archive can be split into small files called volume. Such RAR archives are named as multi-volume / multi-part RAR files.

Multipart RAR files are saved with .part1.rar, .part2.rar……., or .rar, .r00, .r01, .r02 till last file. And WinRAR is the most commonly used application to create / extract files in multipart (split) RAR files. This multivolume feature of RAR compression is convenient while saving similar files together. Multipart RAR files follow AES encryption algorithms for data security and also enables few recovery records for repairing RAR files in case of any physical data damage. However, these multivolume RAR files can be damaged in numerous unknown ways that causes data loss. Some of the common reasons behind corruption of multipart RAR file are:

What to do when multipart RAR file is damaged / corrupted?

Corrupted multipart RAR files can be repaired with the use of inbuilt repair utility by WinRAR application. First open the RAR file to be repaired and in the toolbar you will find an option to repair this file. If you won’t find effective results with the use of this inbuilt repair option then you need to go for third party RAR file repair utilities. But one should be very careful while selecting reliable repair tool because, using inefficient tools may further damage the file severely and completely destroys the data in it.

Which is the best utility to repair multipart RAR file?

Yodot RAR Repair is one of the safest repair tools that can fix issues related to RAR files within few mouse clicks. The software is built with advanced repair strategies that can easily fix corrupted multivolume RAR file. Also it is capable of repairing any kind of corrupt RAR archive like error opening RAR file on various Windows operating systems. You can make use of this utility to mend inaccessible RAR files from different versions of WinRAR application.

Follow these steps to execute multipart RAR file repair process:

Keep an eye on these points:

  • Do not use unreliable application to open / extract multipart RAR archive
  • Avoid interruptions while uploading and downloading RAR files on internet
  • Use reliable antivirus software to scan multipart RAR files prior to download

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