How to Fix RAR Filename Too Long Error?

“Hi guys, I have some RAR files on my computer that I can’t open anymore. When I try to extract files from them, the WinRAR application suddenly stops and encounters an error message something like “filename is too long”. I was unable to delete the folder until I shortened the directory name. Extracting worked only with a short filename. Does this happen to anyone? I will be very thankful if someone help me to fix this RAR file issue.”

One intrinsic weakness in WinRAR application is it cannot handle too long filenames and directory structures. Attempting to extract too long filenames from RAR achieve results in error. Unfortunately, there is no automated way to resolve long filename; but there are ways which work around this limitations, one such thing is changing the extraction location and then change the file name.

Steps to change extraction location:

Step1: Open your RAR file in WinRAR. The easiest way to open the file in WinRAR is by double clicking the RAR file in the Windows Explorer.

Step2: Click the “Extract To” button.

Step3: Click the root folder of any drive, such as “(C:)” and “OK”. This extracts the contents to root folder, which minimizes the path name without changing the contents of the RAR file.

Steps to change file names:

Step1: Open the RAR file in WinRAR application.

Step2: Right-click any file or folder name and select “Rename” option.

Step3: Type a shorter name and press “Enter”. Initially choose higher level folders to rename before renaming its subfolders and files. Doing this so, potentially renames multiple file paths simultaneously in a single action.

Step4: Click “Extract To”, choose the root directory of any drive and click “OK” to extract files and folders.

Even after doing this, if you’re not able to open RAR file with long filenames, then you must use any RAR repair application to fix this issue. Yodot RAR Repair is efficient tool in fixing various types of errors associated with RAR files and hence it is used by many users for repairing their RAR files on Windows computer.

Software to repair RAR filename error:

Many users encounter several errors while using RAR file on their system such as filename is too long, file is write protected, file is corrupted and many other error messages. Yodot RAR Repair is a wonderful RAR repair utility that helps you to repair all these errors with easy and simple procedure. This application is an advanced built-in repair utility to repair RAR files that are corrupted due to virus infection, CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression techniques by the third party tool, power failure etc. This application not only repairs RAR file, but it also recovers inaccessible files and folders from inaccessible RAR achieve effectively. This program is a read-only tool that doesn’t modify the original contents of the RAR file during repair process.

Steps to solve RAR filename error:


  • Conversions of RAR files should be properly done otherwise the file header would get corrupted and make the entire file inaccessible
  • Regularly update your RAR application in order to fix bugs in the application
  • Install reputed anti-virus application to protect RAR files from virus or malware attack

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