Fix RAR File after Volume Corrupt

“I downloaded an essential RAR file from internet. When I tried to open that RAR archive, it is displaying error ‘Packed data CRC failed in volume name. The volume is corrupt’ on Windows system. Even, I don’t have option to re-download that multi-volume RAR file. How to repair RAR file after volume corrupt error? Please anyone help me out!”.

While compressing files in RAR file format, WinRAR will offer an option to create multiple volumes. In “Split to volumes” field you can provide size of volume to create multi-volume RAR archive. Splitting a RAR file into different volumes make it easy to store and share huge amount of data securely. However, often time’s user may face some unforeseen incidents or errors with multi-volume RAR files as mentioned in above paragraph for number of causes.

RAR file volumes may get corrupt in many scenarios such as insufficient memory space while decompressing RAR file that is splitted into many volumes, attempting to open RAR file volumes randomly by neglecting its index numbers, interruptions while downloading or transferring multi-volume RAR file, etc. Along with these issues virus attacks, header corruption, storage device corruption and other problems can corrupt volumes of RAR file. Stay calm when your valuable RAR file becomes inaccessible because of its volume corruption at any point of time. Using any relevant RAR file repair software, you can fix RAR file after volume corruption on your own.

Multi-volume RAR file repair tool:

One of the precise applications to repair RAR file after volume corrupt is Yodot RAR Repair. This software has well-organized scanning technology to fix unreadable RAR file after volume corrupt error on Windows system. You can fix multipart RAR file or multi-volume RAR file with simple and straightforward steps shown by this tool. Including errors related to volume corruption in RAR archive, it can also fix other errors like invalid RAR file, RAR archive was empty, WinRAR cannot open file access denied error, RAR error filename too long RAR checksum error and many more. This program is capable to fixing password protected as well as encrypted RAR files that are corrupted due to numerous reasons. This RAR archive repair utility supports fixing of WinRAR files on PC hard drive running with any of Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Step by step process to fix RAR file after volume corrupt:

Significant Tips:

  • Make use of appropriate tool to extract contents of multi-volume RAR archive
  • Use proper internet connection while downloading important RAR files containing volumes
  • Utilize good quality antivirus application on system to avoid multi-volume RAR file corruption issues

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