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Bailey Garner

5 stars

19 December 2017

  My AVI video file was not playing on any media player, and had to be repaired. I thought I was in big trouble. Thankfully, Yodot AVI Repair tool fixed the video in just few minutes.

Kailyn Herman

4 stars

13 December 2017

  I tried so much to manually repair a damaged AVI video. But I failed in my attempts. When I was on the verge of losing hope, my friend suggested to use Yodot AVI Repair software. I?m so grateful to this tool, my video got fixed on time.

Alisson Parker

5 stars

14 November 2017

  My important AVI video file got corrupted and I was worried about it. Thanks to Yodot AVI Repair software, my video file got fixed and I?m the happiest person.

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