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Muhammad Blankenship

5 stars

12 December 2017

  I had accidentally deleted few important files and emptied them from the Recycling Bin too. Later, I realized that I want to get them back! Was really hopeless until I come across Yodot File Recovery. But, it gave back all my precious data! Thanks to the super supportive team for such an assistance.

Mary Santos

5 stars

07 December 2017

  I just want to say a big ?Thanks to Yodot File Recovery software. I had spent 3 days going around and trying several programs. Yes, I have to pay for the licensed version of it, but it has a worth. I recovered all my precious files from the external hard drive.

Kayden Avila

5 stars

06 December 2017

  Was really worried when my flash drive said it is empty (even it has files) after I last used it in a Net Cafe. I saved several important works in it but maybe because of malware induced in Net Caf?, the flash drive showed it is empty message. But, Yodot File Recovery helped me in getting back all my data from the drive. Good job jumbo!

Easton Berg

4 stars

04 December 2017

  I thank Yodot File Recovery from bottom of my heart! Was almost off my hopes when the antivirus software installed on the system deleted my important files from D drive without any single clue. I didn?t know how to recover them but Yodot made the job easier.

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