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Jackary Little

5 stars

10 August 2020

  I have used this software soooo many times and cannot begin to describe how much I vastly appreciate the work of these devs for bringing us all this amazing functionality!! You're literally the best, yodot. BTW, I only use the "hard drive recovery" options because I have so many files and cannot dare to try to reorganize them all back into their folders lol. This option amazingly restores all the folder structure and everything to your drive. I have even fully restored a Windows 10 boot drive using this method...

Shamar Simpson

4 stars

25 December 2017

  I never reviewed any product till now. Seriously, I have to take the time to tell about Yodot Hard Data Recovery now that how much this program helped me. I thought all hopes are lost when my computer said the portable drive is corrupted and it cannot ace the drive. It had 100 GBs of video and pictures of years and years. Now, I am really impressed by what Yodot have offered me. Guess what? All my files are back! Thanks a lot, Yodot. Great work!

Rebecca Lopez

5 stars

20 December 2017

  Excellent program. My entire hard disk drive got corrupted and it became a RAW drive. Using Yodot Hard Data Recovery, I managed to rescue every single file from my drive. Great work Yodot, Keep it up!!!

Sidney Charles

5 stars

09 December 2017

  Something has happened to my HDD last week and I couldn't access my files. Thanks to Yodot Hard Data Recovery- it saved me. I really appreciate this magical tool and I recommend it to you also. It is the best.

Kash Fuentes

5 stars

16 November 2017

  Awesome! All my data recovered!! This is the most accurate recovery product I ever used. Worth a try at severe data loss instances.

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