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Odin Mercado

5 stars

16 December 2017

  The software fixed my MP4 video without issue, when other third party software fails to do it. You can watch it?s fixed files for free. With its highly promising features, it proves to be an ideal tool for fixing video files.

Eugene Fernandez

5 stars

09 December 2017

  I tried many applications and couldn't find a single MOV Repair tool which can fix my damaged MOV file. Then, my friend suggested me to use Yodot MOV Repair tool. Finally, I found the software which did justice to my problem. Thanks for saving my video.

Myles Graham

4 stars

13 November 2017

  One of the best MOV Repair tool till I used. It repaired my unplayable MOV video in few minutes and also I was able to preview it before saving. Totally worth it for its cost.

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