Fix Zip File Cannot Be Opened Because There Are Problems With Contents Error

Are you threatened by this kind of errors while extracting any Zip archive? If yes, then you are at right place; check out this page for complete details on what this error is and how to resolve it on Windows computer.

Compressing files in to Zip archive can reduce its overall file size, thus one can create free space on hard disk for new files. Also, the risk of sending files over network will be minimized if they are compressed in to Zip archive. These compressed files will have .zip or .zipx file extension and contents of this archive can be extracted using WinZip and WinRAR application as well. However, while trying to extract contents of a Zip archive one may encounter various errors that completely blocks access to this archive such as, “Zip file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.”

Above mentioned error message clearly says that there are issues with the Zip file contents that is causing trouble to unzip the file. WinZip file usually display this kind of error message when file is damaged or corrupted by any of these factors:

  • Compressing any infected file along with other healthy files in to Zip folder
  • Use of unreliable decompression tool to extract Zip file
  • Improper download or transfer of Zip archive
  • Damaged Zip file header because of bad sector on system hard drive

Multiple attempts to open such corrupted Zip file will trigger above mentioned error. But no need to worry much about this error because it can be resolved by repairing Zip file using appropriate file repair tool.

Software to fix Zip file that cannot be opened:

Yodot Zip Repair is the right tool to easily fix error Zip file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents. This software is engineered with ultimate repair strategies to fix Zip file that do not open due to errors like Zip is not supported archive, Zip archive access denied error, unable to unzip Zip file error, Zip file cannot find central directory error, Zip file missing end signature error and so on. Along with Zip file that is not opening, this software can easily repair corrupt ZipX archives in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based computers. Additionally this tool also supports to extract contents of large sized, multipart, incomplete / truncated and encrypted Zip and ZipX archives with much ease.

Follow these steps to fix Zip file that cannot be opened because of wrong content:

  • Download Yodot Zip Repair application on your Windows computer
  • Install the tool and run it by following onscreen instructions
  • In main screen make use of Browse button to search and select Zip file that is unable to open
  • Then, click ‘Repair’ button to trigger scanning process
  • The status of scanning process can be determined using Progress bar
  • Once it is done, view fixed Zip file and its contents using ‘Preview’ button
  • At last, save this repaired Zip archive to any preferred location

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not compress any infected file with healthy files in to ZIP archive
  • Avoid using unreliable compression or decompression techniques to create / extract Zip archives