How to Repair Cannot Open Split Zip File Error?

“I had to compress large files in to Zip archive so that free space can be utilized on hard drive. Compression process did not complete saying archive is exceeding limited size of 4GB; so I thought to split the archive to multiple Zip files. I successfully created split zip files and saved them all in a folder on desktop. Today however, as I tried to open one of these split zip files I received an error stating cannot open Split file. Even after numerous attempts I was not able to open this split file. Can anybody share your knowledge on how to fix this error showing split Zip file? Thanks in advance.”

Usually, large sized Zip files are again broken into multiple parts in order to resolve limited file size issue with such archives. So resulting files are what called as multipart or split Zip files. These split Zip files can then be easily stored or transferred over network as email attachment. However, as described in above instance, one may not be able to open Split Zip files mainly due to file corruption or damage.

In these instances, if split Zip file gets corrupted then it imposes certain error messages on trying to extract file contents. To resolve this kind of scenarios one should repair split Zip files using efficient ZIP repair utility.

Ultimate split ZIP files repair software:

Built with extraordinary repair modules, Yodot ZIP Repair tool can fix damaged or corrupted split ZIP files with utmost ease. This software is designed with damage free read-only modules that securely repairs split Zip file that cannot be opened using WinZip tool. Its intuitive repair strategies can help you to fix Zip file unspecified error, cannot open Zip file access denied error, Zip archive is corrupt or damaged error, invalid archive format error, etc. This utility can even fix ZIPX archives along with truncated, multipart, spanned and large Zip archives. All computer users with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating system can successfully install this tool for free.

Follow these steps to repair and open corrupted Zip file:

Useful Tips:

  • Do not use unsecure applications to compress or extract split Zip files
  • Make use of efficient malware protection tool to get rid of harmful viruses on system hard drive
  • Avoid errors while compressing or unzipping multipart archives using WinZip tool

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