ZIP Repair - Recovery Tool Error

When a ZIP / ZIPX file gets damaged or corrupt, you may not be able to unzip files from it. There are numerous reasons behind ZIP file corruption and one of them is the recovery tool error. This error affects the entire ZIP archive making it inaccessible.

ZIP file corruption caused by recovery software takes place if the file stored in the memory is in fragmented form and recovered using recovery software after deletion. Since recovery tools possess sector-by-sector scan technique; therefore it will recover only that portion of the file which is present in the continuous sectors. Hence, the file will be recovered but you may not be able to open it or extract files from it.

How to repair ZIP file that got corrupt as a result of recovery tool error?

This type of corruption can only be handled by a repair tool. There are many repair applications available for these kinds of issues. Yodot ZIP Repair application is the best ever made ZIP / ZIPX file repair software application. It will repair the corrupt ZIP file in a secure manner and will extract the files that are present in it. You may even repair ZIP / ZIPX files that are protected by password. This repair software offers simple and user-friendly interface by which you can repair large size ZIP files within no time and without much technical know-how.

Steps to use the software

  • Download and install the software first
  • Start the software and follow the steps
  • Browse and select the damaged ZIP / ZIPX archive
  • Start the process of repair by clicking the “Repair” button
  • Just wait for few minutes for the scanning section to end
  • As it ends, the software will display message that the repair was successful
  • Now you can see the repaired files that were present in the ZIP archive
  • Select the desired location to store the repaired files


  • Prefer doing data backups on regular intervals
  • Defragment your hard drive data with the help of disk defrag utility