Extract Error ZIP Archive

“I have copied few ZIP files from external storage media to my Windows computer. But when I clicked on it to extract, it showed an error message and refused to display files present in it. I checked my external storage media to copy those files again but it displayed same error message indicating its corruption. Can anyone tell me how to fix it up? I don’t have its backup and moreover the file is related to my project work”

ZIP file doesn’t need more introductions; as you all know, it is an archive that can be used to compress files in order to reduce its size. But this file might also be a victim of corruption and above stated is one such issue. The main cause for this problem could be virus attack. If you copy ZIP file from any virus infected computer, then viruses will be transferred to your external storage media and damage files present it. The only remedy to get rid of ZIP file corruption is fixing it using appropriate method. Many users rely on built in method to fix errors in ZIP file. But most of the time, manual way fails to assist in resolving errors in ZIP archive. In such instance, utilize effectual ZIP file repair software on your Windows computer.

Few situations that render ZIP file to display error message are listed below:

  • Interruptions while moving ZIP files from one storage media to another or extracting files from ZIP archive would leave ZIP file in a corrupted state
  • Forcefully shutting down your computer without closing ZIP file that is opened might result in ZIP archive corruption
  • Virus/malware attack on storage device on which ZIP files are stored may damage them, which results in error message while extracting files from it
  • Trying to compress files in ZIP archive even though its size has exceeded could make it corrupt

Tool for extracting data after ZIP file error:

You might have tried many possible ways and failed to eliminate errors which you have received at the time of extracting files from ZIP archive. However, do not lose your hope; download and install Yodot ZIP Repair software to Windows computer to fix the errors instantly and extract files stored in ZIP archive. This ZIP repair application is loaded with remarkable features which can be employed to fix ZIP file that is showing error warning after file corruption. It smoothly repairs and then retrieves photos, videos, MS Office documents and other files that have been compressed in ZIP/ZIPX archives. Some users might wonder that the files present in your computer might get altered by this application. Well, you can be rest assured as this utility runs on read only mode and does not modify or changes information if original ZIP files present on your computer. Apart from this, it will display preview of ZIP/ZIPX file to make sure that it is successfully repaired.

Method to eliminate errors from ZIP:

  • First of all download Yodot ZIP Repair software to your Windows computer
  • Run the application and follow instructions given on the screen
  • Browse for the corrupted ZIP file and then click on “Repair” option
  • Now the repair process begins and as soon as it gets completed, you will get a message indicating successful repair
  • Preview repaired ZIP archive and at last save it on a desired location

Useful Tips:

  • Don’t transfer ZIP file to virus infected external storage media as it might result in ZIP file corruption
  • Never try to compress files in ZIP archive whose size has already reached to 4GB