Repairing Zip File Not Found Error

Before couple of days, I downloaded a photo album in my PC that is in Zip folder. At morning when I tried extracting its contents; an error message appeared on the screen saying that Zip file not found. What is this error? Why I am receiving such error while extracting Zip file? How can I fix this error and extract Zip folder exactly?

Although Zip files are structurally sound, these archive files are often subjected to different issues making it inaccessible with errors due to their open source nature. You would be receiving Zip file not found error while extracting its data because of ZIP file corruption. Mostly this problem arises when Zip archive header is corrupted or data inside the archive is damaged. However, it’s not a serious issue and can be resolved easily in a single attempt. Since, Zip files are designed with highly complex structure and responsible for containing large sized files and folders; these are very prone to different factors which may make it erroneous and corrupted. Some common causes which can result in Zip file not found error are:

  • Zip file header may become corrupted because of a minor mistake of compression tool any kind of header inconsistency could result in error Zip file not found
  • Zip archive data could be damaged due to transfer error while downloading Zip archive from internet. When file content is inaccurate or damaged, it may fail to open and throw Zip file not found error
  • If the storage drive is affected with viruses or malware threats and if Zip file is saved over there, most probably it can cause corruption to that Zip archive and you get Zip file not found error during extraction

Recommended utility to fix Zip file not found error!

Yodot ZIP Repair is right application to resolve Zip file not found error and to extract data from that Zip archive easily. This software uses an automated and read only repair mechanism to heal Zip/Zipx archives which are not opening due to various errors like CRC error, header error etc. It has very simple user interface which facilitates Windows users in repairing access denied error in Zip archive, Zip file error missing end signature, WinZip error no files to extract, unable to unzip zip file error, cannot extract files from zipped folder and other errors with minimum efforts. Also, this ZIP repair application can repair encrypted Zip files which are corrupted, inaccessible or not opening with different error messages. It works smoothly on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS based computers and ensures risk free Zip file repair process with accuracy.

Easy guidelines to fix ZIP file not found error!

  • Download and install Yodot Zip Repair tool in your Windows PC
  • After installing the program, launch it with the help of a shortcut icon on desktop
  • Launch the software and follow the simple steps on main wizard
  • Click on ‘Browse’ option and select particular Zip file that is showing error
  • Once the Zip archive is uploaded, click on the ‘Repair’ tab to allow software to begin the repair process
  • You can view all files and folders contained in the Zip archive after repairing is completed
  • Finally choose a destination location and click on Save button to save that repaired Zip file in your computer

Important Notes!

  • Avoid interruptions during creation and extraction of Zip file
  • Make sure that network strength is good while transferring or downloading Zip file
  • Don’t save downloaded Zip file in any corrupted storage drive