How to Repair Zip Archive after Header Corruption?

Have you just downloaded a Zip file, but are not able to open it? Are you getting an error stating that the header is corrupt? Then, try downloading the file again. You may succeed in downloading the file without any errors. After downloading the Zip file again, if the problem persists then the file might have got corrupted due to viruses present over the internet. So in order to remove the virus from the system, use antivirus software. However, if problem still continues to exist, then you should repair .Zip file using powerful Zip repair software.

All the information and settings like size, creation date, time, etc of a Zip file are stored in the Zip file header. The reliability of a Zip file header is very important and its corruption may damage entire files compressed in Zip archive. Once a Zip file gets corrupted, you may get an error message. For example, when you download Zip file, you may receive an error message like “Header Corrupt” while attempting to open it. After this error message Zip file becomes inaccessible. The main cause for error message is that it has been infected by virus. This virus is known as "W95.CIH", "Spacefiller" and "Chernobyl". It mainly affects the ZIP archive and damages its header.

However, only virus infection is not responsible for ZIP file header corruption. It might also get corrupted if you use any third party application to change file header. If you want to change ZIP file header by using any third party application, then you should have the complete knowledge about that particular application. Improper header editor can corrupt your whole ZIP archive or it may get damaged if it is not supported by that particular header editor application. Most of the header editor tools are not able to perform the edit function effectively. Therefore, inefficient editing can corrupt complete ZIP file severely. One more reason for ZIP file header corruption is sudden power surge at the time when your .Zip file is in active mode or in processing mode. Power surge can corrupt your file header by altering all the description about a file that it contains. Once the ZIP file header gets corrupted then you will not able to access that particular file for further use. Therefore it is recommended to use any effective repair software so that you can access files from your ZIP archive.

How To Fix Zip Archive Files With Header Corruption Using Yodot?

This software resolves all your errors or corruption issues that are encountered while opening ZIP files by doing a robust ZIP repair. The software quickly repairs ZIP file and gives you the choice to save the repaired Zip file as a compressed file or an uncompressed file at any desired location in the system. One of the best feature of this software is, it does not alter the original content and repairs it without any difficulties. You need not waste much time to repair your ZIP archive as it involves only five steps which will not only saves your time but also repairs your ZIP file quickly.

Steps To Repair Corrupted Zip Header:

Tips to Prevent Zip Header Corruption:

  • Use efficient antivirus program in order to keep your system virus free
  • Try to avoid accessing ZIP archive at the time of continuous power fluctuation in order to protect the file from getting damaged
  • Do not use any unreliable third party header editor application for editing ZIP file header

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